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Plus girls with a lil fat are the bees knees
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not really into that myself, I suppose that's a double standard but whatever.
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Chubby girls are nice for some reasons(ahem..), but will gladly take a nice slim chick instead.

On note of chicks, GF making all kinds of gym gains. She's starting to beat the stereotypes of Indian girls having pancakes and developing quite the ass.
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Damn... right in the feels...
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hahaha, thats hilarious. more the music and the ridiculousness of it than anything
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Conceptionist how's your bulk coming?

I'm studying abroad this term so I'm not exactly in an optimal position to bulk. Some days I don't have access to enough food, sporadious breaks from lifting due to travelling and too light weights in the gym on campus. Had to change my routine as well since I can't perform many of the lifts in my old routine here. Also went from conv DL to sumo so had to reset the weight.


Other than that, the big 3 lifts are going up. Haven't gained much weight though due to lots of walking, too little sleep and fluctating calorie intake. I'm basically just trying to keep the gains going while not getting too fat here. Physique wise I'm filling out nicely in the right areas, so that's good. Can upload progress pics in a couple of days.

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Who's down for a bulking beard contest? I figure since facial aesthetics are going anyway, might as well try to cover it up with some gnarly face fuzz.
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tfw can't grow a beard frown.gif
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I can only grow asian pervert mustache...
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We don't need any pervstaches here! And V, maybe the hormones will kick your facial hair game up? No joke.

This is fucking hilarious.

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ate two avocados today and bro just told me i have to activate my new gym pass before 8 PM
It's quarter to 11AM


Them fat thighs, no wonder *sob*

edit: btw those vids are funny. makes me feel better that i at least devoted time to my form.
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RHET brahs, could use some advice.

Bout a month back met this pretty cool chick on the beach, got her number, went out a couple of times, boned a couple of times. We had great chemistry, and instantly connected. Past week or so she's been kind of distant, asked her to hang, she told me she has a lot going on, she'll explain when she sees me, blah, blah.

It's important to note she just got out of a somewhat serious relationship recently, and she has brought it up on several occasions; making me think she's not fully over it.

Low and behold, she just posted pictures on instagram of her and her ex playing video games in bed :|

I understand she doesn't owe me shit, but at the same time, given the connection it seems we had, and the fact that she told me she likes me a lot i'm somewhat annoyed.

I suppose I should just own up to the fact that I was a nice summer rebound for her, and that's that. Still kind of annoys me though, and she couldn't even have had the decency to delete me from her instagram before posting those pics.

Basically, should I confront her, or just delete her number and move on. I kind of feel like she is playing games, because she's been liking all of these old pictures on my instagram past couple of days, like I need to be reminded she exists though i've asked her to hang out a few times before that, and just got sick of hearing excuses.

At least I always have my Italian cougar to fall back on, have not been giving her the attention she oh so madly craves while i've gotten mixed up with this chick.
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

tfw can't grow a beard frown.gif


at least we have a saying that bad men can't grow beards so I'm sticking to that
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