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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

It'd be great to find a trainer like that.

A trainer who's program involves gear? puzzled.gif
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

A trainer who's program involves gear? puzzled.gif

Who knows that they're doing and is at least knowledgeable about gear.
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Haha, I thought it was funny when like 2 weeks after I get him to work out he starts asking about gear. I was like, wow way to jump in head first. Never lift a weight in your life then want to start cycling. But at 36 or so that's prob a smart idea, if you really want to get big.
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I don't really know why you'd need a trainer to tell you how to cycle, you can get a pretty good understanding of it after a few weeks of reading, especially for a beginner. Solid lolz at cycling and only looking mildly toned though.

Set of 10 with 55lb on chin ups today, felt good man, was only hoping for like 5 or 6 because I havent done weighted in a while.
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I'm 34 and didn't lift until my 30s. Slow gains are slow as fuck.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

Weather is finally getting cooler so I tried on my jeans. Cannot get a single pair past my thighs smile.gif / frown.gif. Goodnight sweet RRLs and APCs. Really don't want to fork over 250 for outliers.

501s. If there's a winners/marshalls nearby see if you can find out when they put out the new arrivals and keep checking. I've found selvedge rinse fits >$50 a couple of times.
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Just tried a squat with my heels on 5lb plates. Coldsnap was right. Will be ordering shoes some time today. nod[1].gif

*edit* What's proper grip width on ohp?
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Yup, they were like $69 at rogue.

Shoulder width. EXTERNALLY ROTATED shoulders creating torque.
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Thanks dude. I have surprisingly decent ohp form then, doing all those things. Sometimes get elbow flair as I fatigue but trying to control it.

According to this guy, the powerlifts start compressing at around 200lb squat confused.gif Plus rogue is clearing out the old version, new ones are supposed to be just a bit stiffer I think. Also .6" vs .75". Doesn't sound like a lot but that's a 25% increase.

I may just spend a little more... I like nice things peepwall[1].gif
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Would buy dowins instead of those poverty oly shoe hybrids on rogue.
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adipowers or romaleos deuce
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Was strongly considering adipowers actually lookaround.gif

brb shoes cost more than I can squat in pounds

Although, with coupon at eastbay, they're not too bad actually. And I'd certainly never need another pair...
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I wish Risto made a shoe with a smaller heel.
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Dear squats

I hate you

P.s. fuck you

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Beast mode
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