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Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

Kicked the habit recently, but I tend to relapse whenever there's a snag that I need to "fix" (which just ends up making it worse). I just carry a file with me now to try to prevent that. I also like to let my nails grow pretty long without cutting them, because I tend to want to bite them right after they've been cut.

I don't even really bite the nail part, I chew the skin around it and all the shit that gets under them haha, sounds disgusting because it is. It has an official name even, dermatophagia.
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I did that, too... bloody cuticles. Don't know what else to say other than it takes a lot of willpower when it's such an ingrained habit.
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Just gonna take a nap... and 10 hours later... it's 7pm... ffffuuuu.gif
Originally Posted by jarude View Post

i am up ~25lb from june nod[1].gif that's across 13 weeks, so an average of 2lb a week. strong dirty bulk on top of swimming erryday; i think im doing it right.

Damn dude, that's pretty fast bulk. What're you shooting for?

Still don't know what I should be doing at this point... just been eating above maintenance and trying to enjoy the LP on 5x5. Definitely need to formulate a game plan though, not having a diet plan and being sort of aimless leads to not the cleanest diet smile.gif


Still got that smith machine?

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Fuck GOMAD, when I need to bulk I am going on the PHAD diet.... porterhouse a day. That shit is delicious.
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So guys.... do we even lift? Oh and Klokov squatted 240kg x 10 and uploaded to his channel (won't link since this is enough depression for today) :P

Sorry for the negativity but had the shittiest squat session in weeks today; cut it short and 'mobbed' the fuck out of myself so I can make up for it tomorrow.... wish me luck!
Just realist Charly decided to add to my depression; great bench!
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Everyone's gotta start somewhere.....
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saw that clip of khugaev earlier this wk. just goes to show you the depth of talent there is in the big weightlifting countries, russia being foremost among them.
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Kali Muscle admitted to juicing
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Don't like that guy at all.
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"He got dem Dianabawl showlduhs" - Hodgetwins
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When I found out how old the hodge twins were... mind blown
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Progress pic at 196lbs this AM
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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TKJTG how long has it been since your show, and how much have you gained since then? Looking good dude.
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Show was on May 19th and I weighed 175 for that. Currently up 21 pounds.
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Your shower could use a good bleaching
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