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I've been with two girls with implants. They looks amazing in clothes but bad out. One of the time the girl even still had stitches in. Most girls cannot afford famous plastic surgeons like porn stars and get the $2,000 special.
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Feels like a bag of sand.. Haha
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grand dad asked me why I don't train legs, brb killing myself. Fuck the RHET has been near tits, we are so much more elite then the rest of SF.
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double post
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grills foo.gif
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So I just did a three day water only fast. Not for any particular reason, just bored and treat my body like a guinea pig. Lost about 4 pounds, an inch from the waist and also an inch from the chest frown.gif Pecs (my moneymaker) definitely feel smaller. Never doing that again. Still did some exercise, didn't feel too different.
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Can you explain why the fuck you would do that?
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I'm insane.
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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post

I'm insane.


I've done that. It's really not so bad. What do you weigh?

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5'9.5" and 165 lbs.
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How do I tell if I have big hips?
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Had a pretty average squat session today; considering I went on a camping trip with mates just a week ago. Squatted 5kg under the 5 x 3 I was squatting before; yet It was one of those days where the squat was the only thing I got done, I tried to RDL but felt fried, so feel horrible at the moment.

Big Pun you are one crazy fellow :)

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Can't be as epic as Pumping Iron unless Arnold does a cameo about cumming. BB'ers in Arnold's day looked s much better than these monsters now.
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Woke up early to get in a morning workout. Don't know how you bros do it. I'm gonna do it... but I don't want to. Probably just a matter of forming the habit and getting used to waking before the sun comes up (rather than usually going to bed right before it comes up...).
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