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chick is straight mirin. panties so wet
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lol that look is priceless
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Who is she? I wouldn't mind seeing more of her...

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Flex Lewis being interviewed by Stacey Oster-Thompson:
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Haha, look happens at 33 and she looks like she is going in to grab her muff
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she's not mirin she's just caught up in the emotion. The dude looks like he's gonna cry.

The gif makes it look like she is though.
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hendrix, were you the kid that reminded the teacher to check the homework right before the bell rang?
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^ HAHA... Lemme eat my cake
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MarkI - i didn't go to school
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She looks like a slutty Kristen Bell. Into it
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Totes lick her butthole
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After googling and discovering her tits were fake I cried. Notnatty/10

That accent man, fucking northerners. If your from the UK and more then 50 miles north of London your not a real person.
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Nvm fake boobs. I formally recant my offer.
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Never been with a girl with fake tits, don't like it at all, but I would not necessarily turn down a fake boobied broad for a romp. How do they feel anyway, do we have any anecdotal evidence (probably not)?
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they're just firmer.

Not too bad as long as they're not huge.
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