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Blegh my gym has about that much stuff. I'm so glad I am working from home. I def want to try and buy a house with enough room for a home gym, commercial gyms suck dick
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has anyone ever run the smolov squat routine? i got through the first mesocycle and had some great gains but couldn't do the second after i adjusted my 1rm.

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Originally Posted by Paul Evans View Post

has anyone ever run the smolov squat routine? i got through the first mesocycle and had some great gains but couldn't do the second after i adjusted my 1rm.

I've had friends run it.

Some got great results, some not so much.

It's not a super-routine by any means. It's just a sound routine like a lot of other routines out there.

No program is going to consistently add pounds to your 1RM unless you've got the following down:

1. You do things to promote recovery and growth.. eat (A LOT), good sleep, slow down on shit that hampers recovery (drinking, smoking, other forms of training)

2. You bust your ass on everything the routine tells you to

That's about it.
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can anyone comment on my swings?

two sets. first set i was thinking about squatting low and keeping my torso upright; this resulted in me losing balance. second set i tried to decrease my back angle ala low-bar squat and kept my hips higher; you can see the weight goes much further back and there's more momentum in the motion. the second set felt better, but i feel like the first would be more beneficial. or... does it even fucking matter?

also, since i enjoy watching people hurting themselves doing stupid things, enjoy the low point of my session today. nfsw for pottymouth censored.gif
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I think they both look decent except that maybe the knees are coming too far forward? I had massive problems with DB swings when I started doing them but I eventually learnt to keep my weight further back while still staying pretty upright. Just like with sumo DLs, it's a matter of how wide your stance is and how much you can open up the hips and push the knees out to the sides (but you already knew that). Looking at the pictures the second ones look a bit better in regards to that, but I think a bit more upright and knees less forward would be ideal.


Charly can probably offer better advice with his experience.

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if they're supposed to be like kb swings, you should lower the weight as you're not getting enough power and thus not going high enough. It should go up to your chest.
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You can do them in different ways depending on what you want them to achieve. I think jarude does them for DL lockout and then he doesn't need to push it any higher.

This vid of charly demonstrates what I meant:


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thanks for the comments fellas. yeah, from what i've understood its more about locking out the hips explosively rather than getting the weight to an absolute point. i've tried doing swings to the chest with lighter weight but it felt like nothing, not to mention it was turning into a cheater front raise; with this weight (135) i can bring it to my chest - again cheater front raise - but the downward momentum knocks me over on the way down. in the past when i've done db swings i had a tendency to put too much shoulder into it, so i'm trying to keep my upper body as neutral as possible and think about making the hips pop.

i think it could be something as stupid as me not standing on a high enough platform... i'm always thinking about not bottoming out with the first stance so that could be the issue.
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DAT feel when bench going up.

felt the most excruciating pain in the gym today. Did my first work set and felt like my hip could be stretched a bit so I did a mob. Stood up and felt like someone was ripping my leg out of my socket. Fell to the ground and just laid there for 5 mins then went back to squatting
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

can anyone comment on my swings?


Think of it as a hip hinge rather than a squat. Check out how this guy's shins hardly move forward.
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Got drunk last night instead of going to the gym. Hungover all morning, ate some hangover food, napped all day, then hit it up with a headache and tired as fuck. Couldn't find 2.5lb plates anywhere so I just plated up 10 instead of 5 every time I would've needed them. Which resulted in hitting one of my long term goals, a three plate squat. Wasn't even that tough, I'm fucking hyped to start the journey to 2xBW finally.

I think this SPBR shit is finally paying off. I need to up my protein and stop eating shit, but I've been making consistent gains. Feels fucking good man.
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vid or
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RHET goalie bruhs (I think there are one or two here)... been out of the game for a few years. Looking to start playing again. Need a new mask. Looking at the Sportmask X8. Any other suggestions in that price range?
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gort is all up on his gear, he'll know something good. I have an old ReidiC that's probably a good 15 years old by now
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Getting dull lingering pain in my right knee (bottom inner side of knee cap in the squishy area) during squats, reviewed video, wobbly as fuck frown.gif Also dull pain in right hip joint during squat ascent. This one has been more ongoing, sharp pain in same area at bottom of range, but now it persists as I move up too. Left side is fine.
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