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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Just had my last training at the gym where it all started and I have been a member for years now. Sad to loose my training bud who has become a good friend frown.gif
Will be moving to London within the month so I'll have to find an acceptable gym there now.

Did squat a new PR (150kg) today tho in an ultimate grind.

Congrats on the PR and good luck with your move!

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Thanks Josh, and have fun GN : )
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I think actually hips rising a little early is natural. Somebody posted an article awhile back that freeze framed videos of dead lifters and every single one of them has their hips a little up

Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

no need to, just referencing my sources

it has to do with how your hips shift under the bar as you recover iirc

this is another source that explains it:
...Most importantly, we need to understand this: The purpose of the starting position (and first pull) is to allow an optimal second & third pull.
...The second pull of the snatch and clean is the source of the overwhelming majority of the upward power of the barbell—it is this final, abrupt explosion primarily that creates the upward momentum on the bar that allows the lifter to relocate underneath it. The first pull serves only to optimize the second; the starting position serves to allow that second-pull-optimizing first pull. (Note that this does not mean that speed generated during the first pull is neither helpful nor necessary)...

....Basically our goal in the starting position is to maintain an upright posture that places the arms approximately vertical when viewed from the athlete’s side. There are a few basic reasons for this:

First, this more upright angle minimizes hip and lumbar torque and consequently fatigue of the spinal extensors during the first pull. Because the lower back is most easily fatigued relative to the other muscle groups involved in the lift, and these muscles must be able to maintain rigidity of the spine during the second pull in order to maximize the conversion of hip and knee extension power to acceleration of the barbell, more work by the lower back early in the lift will mean less rigidity and more of the hips’ and legs’ power being absorbed by back flexion.

Second, the reduced torque on the hips with a more upright back angle allows greater hip extension speed during the second pull because the lower degree of initial torque allows better acceleration and creates less fatigue. Consider attempting a maximal vertical jump—if given the choice, would you start from a full squat (full knee and hip flexion), or a depth closer to a quarter squat (partial hip and knee flexion)? At what angle of a stiff-legged deadlift or good morning can you really accelerate the bar?

Third, the shorter rotational distance during the second pull minimizes the demands on balance maintenance and allows the athlete to focus more on the power of execution rather than the balance of the system.

Fourth, such an upright posture encourages the bar to remain close to the body where it needs to be without so much additional effort due to the angle of the arms being nearer to their natural loaded orientation.

Finally, athletes will generally feel more comfortable in a more upright position and consequently be better prepared psychologically for a successful lift. This reason cannot be underestimated in terms of its contribution to lift success. Convincing yourself to pull under a very heavy barbell is unquestionably an exercise in mental fortitude.....

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well now I know what i'd look like in charly clothes

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pleb status can be achieved by wearing adidas soccer pants, cons and oversized AA t shirt
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How to stop massive thighs rubbing together and chafing themselves and their neighborly balls?
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Fuck you guys and your illnesses and injuries, totally jinxed me (long work hours totally killed me this week)

I skipped the gym tonight as I am nursing a cold and appetite is down, so, ate very little past 3 days. Feel lifeless

In lieu of the gym tonight, Pacific Rim was loony
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

How to stop massive thighs rubbing together and chafing themselves and their neighborly balls?

What to do with pants? Silk saddle?

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Had to back down to 225 on bench, tendonitis is being gay again
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Any of you guys try the voodoo floss band for tendinitis?
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Originally Posted by TehBunny View Post

Any of you guys try the voodoo floss band for tendinitis?

I use a bike tire tube, but yea same thing. I don't have tendinitis because that's a result of bad programming but it's certainly useful to flush an injury with blood.
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1st week of Orthopedics rotation icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Did several knee and shoulder scopes, helped repair rotator cuff and labrum tears. Worked on an achilles tendon rupture, an ACL repair and an ACL revision. Did several trigger fingers and carpal tunnel releases. Got to observe a guy with a pec tear get repaired. Even got to remove a bullet from a guy's lat and a piece of shrapnel from a guy's hand.

Only bad thing is the program director told me they have almost double the amount of students interviewing there this year compared to last year. frown.gif
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Haha sounds good. Was this an away?
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GN how was the party
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