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Low bar squats for life.
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Also, ROM is determined by the flexibility/mobility and STANCE of the squatter.. not the bar position.

I can get equally as deep with either bar position with the same stance.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

God damn, some nights after squat sessions I legit can't sleep. In a cold sweat all night with crazy doms and cannot relax. Like it's 2:00am and I've been chillin in bed since 11:00pm. Gotta get this shit figured out because I'm squatting 3x a week now.


melatonin 3mg - good night

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Yeah, I don't really get why some people here want to stay away from low bar squats. It's not like low bar is worse. I don't really think high bar squats require a lot more mobility either. Sure, you need a ton of ankle mobility to get ATG but a proper low bar squat requires lots of hip mobility to get the legs and knees out far enough to the sides with the wide stance.

I don't really know or care about what kind of style I use though, and I don't think anyone should unless you compete in weightlifting or powerlifting. Just squat the way that feels best and enables you to move most weight.
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Yea, just squat which ever way feels more comfortable. Want to squat to beef up your posterior chain and hammies? Do some low bar squats. Want to squat to beef up your quads more? Do some high bar squats. It ain't rocket science.

Ain't sport specific neither. Powerlifting = low bar? There are plenty of guys that squat high bar, low bar, and weird mid bar positions (i.e., Eric Lillebridge).
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My low bar squat stance requires fuck loads of mobility. Hitting depth with your feet as wide as the plates is fairly difficult.

Since term is over LSE summer school is on and now the gym is full of americans from mid tier unis, wtf is choate, it sounds like choad. What is up with americans and retarded as fuck nike and under armor shirts. Brb wearing my nike "no rests on the road to the top" T shirt whilst db benching 18kg dbs because im an elite fucking athlete, brb wearing my singlet so everyone can see my cock whilst deadlifting 60kg, brb wearing as much notredam nike lacrosse shit as possible for my 4kg lateral raises even though I obviously don't play lacrosse. Your womens are quite fit though, but even they wear absolutely shit loads of under armor too. Why you need to cover yourself in spandex to run on an elliptical for 20 minutes.
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there should be no questioning of spandex/lulu clad fit cardio bunnies
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Finally, the gainz are coming in strength wise. I stopped being a pussy and deadlifted 345 lbs for 3x3, squat is still weak at 255 lbs and bench is 275 lbs. Feelsgoodman.

Oh and I forgot to add and it's really too late now, but I actually agree with hendrix that big boobs are gross...
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Seems like i've been doing high bar the entire time.
So have I.
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choate is a private high school in connecticut.
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I am also part of the high bar squatz crew. I think it takes a good amount of mobility to do high bar squats.
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Ran out of room for the power runner... guess it's going in the garage.

VLSI what rack is that? Also is that a GHR? Jelly.
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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Still sucks frown.gif

Follow up to this... swelling is mostly down, a bit tender but doesn't hurt much anymore.
Gross... unspoiler at own risk (Click to show)

Originally Posted by I<3Bacon View Post

VLSI what rack is that? Also is that a GHR? Jelly.

Stength and Power rack
Body Solid GHR

Also this smile.gif

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Ironmaster dumbbell master race checking in (altho I don't have the kb handles)
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

I kinda wish I'd never been taught the low bar squat to be honest. I've had to completely re-set my form and increase my mobility.

another convert, my job here is done
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