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I don't think weightlifting is boring at all.

With that being said, congrats Charly.

Thirdly, no offense toasty, but I'm pretty sure I'm bigger and stronger than you, but last DL day I was doing 255 at 3x5, not because I couldn't do more, but because I'm really trying to dial in form... I don't think you should focus so much on the weight now
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Pulled 2x5 @ 275 then 300 for 2 reps. Felt good at 300. Could have pulled for 1 to maybe completing the set. Crazy..

Time for food!!!!
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you can change out assistance work and keep the framework of the program the same. if you have something that's working, stick with it. swap out bent-over rows for db rows or machine rows or something, turn pullthroughs into rdl's or db gm's, etc.
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Had to bail from squat tonight; FML Succesfully got back into squatting 5 times a week on the other hand YAY!!!
Crat- Since your lowbarring most of the mob work won't help too much as its not really needed but do it anyway......just do more mob work.
John Cena has a great snatch! Also anyone see Klokov plate flipping 25kg.......what the fuck!
Edit: Anyone mind reviewing 'Supple Leopard'?
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link to Cena doing snatches?
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this will sound ridiculous but I've seen a vid of the guy doing cleans and his technique is much better than you'd expect

but not what you'd call great
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Any RHET stateside bros can do me a favor and help me order online? What I'm looking for doesn't ship to Asia.
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up to 3x5 squats @ 255 today and I'm a bit scared, because my right hip fascia is bothering me again. It seems I have to stretch and palpate my hip (torn hip/quad about 6 months ago) so much just to get it feeling comfortable. I want to keep squatting, but if I injure my leg again it's probably going to require surgery if I want to squat again. Maybe drop from 3x to 2x a week? or make one of the days very light?

p.s. finally found the secret to a solid deadlift. Keep the hamstrings tight the whole set-up, you can't let them get slack. Keep the tension in them and you'll be sure to fire them instead of your lowerback
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Stay safe Eason! Losing the ability to squat is a nightmare......40 and can still squat 5x a week (bragged twice today ;p)....

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good thing this is not reddit because this next one would get downvoted to shit:

you know if you have a really bad injury that's not letting up, have you considered that you'd do work outside of the front or back squat if they're the things that specifically aggravate the leg? stuff like the leg press and these things, while hated as fuck are totally legit still especially if injuries are the limitng factor.

The knee-jerk response ofc would be to say consult a sports physician and/or PT but i suspect you've already done all these things.
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front squats don't aggravate it, but leg presses do extremely. But there is no substitute for a back squat frown.gif I know this because I front squatted up to 205 while I was most severely injured but my back squat was way below that when I tried to get back into it
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well that sucks
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stay safe

but seriously, if i had a choice between front squatting injury-free and back squatting around pain and risking surgery/never squatting again, i would front squat for the rest of my life.
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

Any RHET stateside bros can do me a favor and help me order online? What I'm looking for doesn't ship to Asia.

Whatcha need?
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