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got a lot of interest lately so maybe we'll get a junior team going next fall. I'm coach #2 but we'll see how goes it.
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I'm going lowbar Van Veen; High bar is v. uncomfortable for me for some reason.
I'll get some lighter squats done tmr and film those to see how that goes. This was my RPT top set; max effort.

Just came back from a good hour of mountain biking; that sure as hell takes its toll on the lower back if ur not used to it.

Nice evening to be out on the bike tho.

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post #31788 of 57460's ranking system changed for raw and raw w/ wraps.

So guess who's currently the #36 raw 198-pound lifter in the country??
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Some misc phaggot I assume...
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jk, good job man
Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

To those of you who own a decent foam roller such as "The Grid":
Do you find the grippy material and grooves beneficial? Just picked up another smaller PVC pipe so I can bring it to the gym, but it obviously does not have the best surface. Smooth and flat and a little slippy.

Just saw a mention of a similar product, "RumbleRoller". Looks a bit more intense, perhaps worth it to give it a try. No personal experience though.
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obscenely nasty knurling on the pullup bar. safeties are a tad annoying, and its a little shallow, but the hole spacing is a huge improvement over my last rack. the unit is very solid overall and made in canada. 200 bux, thanks kijiji!

going out to buy some sheets of plywood and another stall mat. time to build a proper lifting platform. im kind of sad i'll have to ditch my frankenstein cable stack and ghetto rack, but the thing was starting to scare me. it will be nice to simplify and be "stuck" with rack + bar + bands again.
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Your maintenance has to be something ridiculous with that kind of activity. Do you have an idea of how high it is? How much do you eat on a bulk?

im struggling to maintain at 4k weekdays, 5k on weekends. its annoying too since i can't just gorge myself on breaks; i do a pound of meat + 2 cups starch at lunch and im a zombie for at least a couple of hours. swimming on a full stomach sucks. im not going to bother attempting to bulk right now - as long as the steady strength gains continue, i'm happy. i'll just keep on eating like this once the swimming stops and see how the size gains come along. i'm interested to find out how metabolic rate is affected by all of this once the swimming stops, i.e. will i have "tricked" my metabolism into needing 4k+ to maintain with my activity levels? or is establishing a "base" metabolic rate purely dependent on food intake ala the cheat day idea.
Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post's ranking system changed for raw and raw w/ wraps.

So guess who's currently the #36 raw 198-pound lifter in the country??

congrats man. how high will he go...
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Grats charly
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I normally don't get sore after working out, but I did 75 box jumps on thursday and my stomach feel like, I have done a couple hundred weighted sit ups.
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Pretty cool to see this guy do a compound movement instead of isolation type stuff that superstars seem to do.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post
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Pretty cool to see this guy do a compound movement instead of isolation type stuff that superstars seem to do.


Cena has always been seen lifting heavy weights on compound movements, I'm sure he trains weight-lifting style now, but still squatted and benched heavy even when doing bodybuilding style training, which is impressive considering he busts is ass in another city every day for his job.

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My mom keeps telling my bro to stop getting so big, his bicep got short, hence, shortening his arm

On the other hand she giggles when looking at me since I am DYEL ffffuuuu.gif

I did 275 DL for 3x4 after warmups...dropped down from 3x5 since have not been hitting it consistently. I am just so tired Friday evening after work. Will see what it is today since I did not go yesterday again. But in all seriousness, though the numbers are okay in terms of progress, I would rather see some results in my body redface.gif

I can squat 175 to 185, high bar. And I have learned to shove my knees out during the ascent

* * *
So, SPBR does not have decline bench press, but started doing it last week. Anyone else do decline bench? Or only bench and incline? I hear people say for better chest development you should do more incline and decline.
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decline bench is dumb as hell and doesn't belong in any strength routine.
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I think I said I was going to start tweaking the routine for more "aesthetics" rather than strength. I asked for your suggestion on a completely diff. Routine though fwiw
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You should really just lift and eat for 8 months and stop fucking with your programming.

I'm bored and reading Greyskull LP. I was expecting someone named "Johnny Pain" to have a shitty writing style but it's actually well written. I just read the Cube again a few hours ago though and thats like reading a 2nd graders journal.
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Been on this from the beginning, just want to change it up. Maybe I am bored with it

Thought this warm up explanation was pretty boss
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I know what you mean about boredom, weightlifting is boring. It's a shitty sport. But don't change a program because your bored, all good programs are boring. Change it if you think you can make better progress doing something else and have a lot of research to back it up.
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