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^ was just about to post that.

Ray Williams got a nasty raw squat though.
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what's even crazier is his 192.5 snatch from the hang

yeah misha is pretty awesome
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Also seen that, he's always smiling too. Seems like a nice guy who just happens to lift heavy big ass weight icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I think theres a video of him doing like a 600lb no hands no belt squat whilst laughing.
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Pretty good deal on bumper plates: http://www.power-systems.com/p-5028-pendlay-bumper-plate-single.aspx

50% off with code "excess", under 300lb ships free (split order if needed)

Lots more stuff here:
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Tried deficit deads today with 35's as a cool down, I was surprised how hard they hit my glutes
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thats a large man. Also, from that angle at least, it looks like he has very little knee bend in his DL, crazy.
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At gym today lady approaches me and hands me sports bottle with protein powder in it. She says she just started new supp store and is giving out samples. I say cool take bottle and go home. Tried making proats with it and it tastes like pure asshole. Why the fuck would you give out samples of your nastiest protons in an effort to promote your company?

Seriously, trying to choke these proats down right now is making my stomach churn.

edit: turns out it's Isopure. No wonder it tastes like ass.Woof!!!
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Just had an Iguana burrito here in Santa Clara and after finishing felt pretty satisfied, but had an urge to fit in a bowl of frosted flakes with bananas. Feel full now/bloated a little. Oha well. The Niners stadium looked amazing btw, this area is going to be jamming.

For the dudes cutting, what weight you cutting from? 170? 180? I am pretty happy at my new weight of 160 with good gains in str but minimal aesthetics. I think I maybe going for the Ripptoe look lul. From my experience though I think you dudes who cutting at under 200 maybe losing an advantage once you drop down to around my weight. I personally can't imagine dropping back to 150 lb. if anything I would try very hard to do a body recomp while maintaining at 160 +/- (I don't know if that is possible unless I cut from 170)

Haha dude, you're right next to me. I'm walking distance from work to the new stadium.

I cut from ~180 (started at 135 O_O) and am now sitting at ~163 with maybe a few weeks left. I wanted to try a slow bulk on a clean slate as opposed to going through a recomp at that weight. Plus, I got a vacation coming up and I ain't trying to cut on vacation smile.gif. I notice I lose BF quickly without the addition of cardio as long as my diet is dialed in. My strength gains have stopped and now I'm just trying to maintain my numbers without taking too much of a hit. Already notice myself struggling on my past PRs, but still hitting them with much more effort now... Like purple face, vein popping, frothing at the mouth effort.
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Got a package to my office from canada.

I'm thinking "what the fuck did i order from canada?"

Much to my surprise

I couldn't explain to my coworkers why I was laughing so hard.

Thanks Jarude!
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First time doing squats a week and a half after injuring myself.

Felt a lot better, but even using light, light weight I still felt a slight tinge of pain.

I think this injury was borne out of my tightness and lack of mobility. Conceptionist as resident flexibility what do you recommend to improve hip mobility, or anyone really.
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@ Graphic: Ha, that's awesome.

On another note, I just got Kelly Starrett of MWod's book and as great as it is, it's a very depressing read. Turns out I still don't squat the most efficient way and my overhead range is fucked. Have to get on dat shoulder and ankle mobility work. Placed an order a couple days ago for a bunch of resistance bands, flossing tape and some lacrosse balls so I''m all set. Gonna take a lot of time and pain to fix it though

Edit: Mark, it's very tough to say just from that video you uploaded a while back and I'm no expert. That said, most people lack the ability to stabilize their core and don't have enough flexibility in the ankles and hips and can't shove the knees out externally. You probably need to fix your posture as well (everyone needs to at some point).

I recommend getting his book "Becoming a supple leopard".

You can start straight away with doing Agile 8 every day and then the couch stretch as often as you can, at least 2x a day. I did that and some other stuff (about an hour total) every day for 3 months. It takes a lot of effort but the truth is there's no way around it if you're fucked up.
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That book is good. Read it at a friends house. I'll buy it when he releases a paperback version.
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Copped. Thanks for the rec. I need more mobility
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Yeah, it's really good.
Covers everything you can think of and goes straight to the point with directions, what need to be fixed, and so on.
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