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Random Health and Exercise Recent Purchases

A pair of these. Are they old? They look like vintage york to me.

Lol... still not sure why I bought this. Price was good though.

And last, but far from least fistbump.gif

Today was a good day cool.gif
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Got the old font and I'm assuming they're milled on the other side... def the old skool York.
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Couple shots of the back. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

$30 for the pair. I just wish he had had a full set. Beats the hell out of all the cap/sports authority plates I've seen for sale.
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Sweet deal (and yeah, those are the old school York plates... clean too)
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Originally Posted by chunkmo View Post

^ Yeah pretty much
As the weight gets heavier, your wrists can collapse backwards (unless you're really concentrating on keeping it flexed) during pressing movements which wraps helps prevent. They also put some pressure on your flexors so it helps to grip a little tighter as well


I've also tried suicide grip a few times and find that it keeps the wrists straighter when benching, but didn't like the feel of it.

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Just cut me some straps, I'll try em out tmr.

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sore throat frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

sore throat frown.gif

Sick sucks, had a garbage session this morning post food poisoning
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Living in NYC had fucked me up so much I forgot sometimes good deep sleep produces dreams

Last two nights I had dreams about exes frown.gif

But I am guessing that means T is up and gains are coming smile.gif
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Got my first year uni results back. God mode achieved. Going to challenge my econ score though because it's not that high, but LSE might be giving me a prize for accounting strangely enough.
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Speaking of t levels I've noticed I have worse body odor after workouts than I used to despite showering more and using deodorant. Hoping it means I'm oozing test.
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I fucking stink like shit during/after a workout and sweat like an animal during. Does this mean i'm oozing test too.

I actually would not mind getting my levels checked, can my primary physician do this via blood test or do I have to go to someone special?
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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Just cut me some straps, I'll try em out tmr.

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Primary doc can do it
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privatemdlabs.com female hormone panel. Like $50 after coupon (Google). Go to labcorp, have blood drawn, results in your inbox next day. Easier and faster than seeing a doc, may be cheaper depending on your insurance too. Only gives total test, not free, for that particular panel though.
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