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And as far as his strength:

His bench is at 240 x 5, Squat 345 x 5 DL is 325 x 5, press is about 145 x 5, PC is about 176 x 3.

242 pounds bodyweight.
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Hmm. I might have to redact my statement, those extra side and back shots are not doing him any favors. Although 145 x 5 to 345 x5 is pretty awesome in 6 months, that would take little over a year with 5/3/1.

edit: yikes and i thought my bench was shitty
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13lb a month? 3lb a week???? 1/2 a lb a day?!?!?!??? And Rippletits' lean mass estimates are generous
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this is awesome tho

That's some work.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I couldn't agree with you more. It's a slippery slope but I tend to analyze if I would be making more progress doing X instead of Y. Grass is always greener on the other side, but at the end of the day progress is progress.

i hear you. i really just don't believe in some magically arbitrary strength cutoff line where bb volume starts "working" and anything before that is spinning your tires. yeah, higher volume/lower intensity will work better for stronger guys - just as higher intensity/lower volume works better for stronger guys.

you have to make volume style stuff work. progression within a set rep range >>>> dickwaving over what rep range is best and when said rep range starts working.
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Brent Kim is a fuck lot heavier than 150, but still p strong for his size.
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He's like 163.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Charly please post vid on how to wrap wrists
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Sweet, thanks so much for sharing that info. I've def did not wrap tight enough when I did use wraps.
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RHET has been hilarious recently tysm for the lolz, your marking the time home before my edm festival more tolerable. Merlin his 6 months transformation, dat 1.3xbw deadlift when will it be my turn? Gettoastys probably pound for pound stronger and leaner. I love ripptoes internet threats, fucking hillbillies man.

edit: yay I wrap my wrists properly.
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My latest squat, which is the heaviest I've gone on them since laying them off around Christmas.

I had a problem with arching too much and overextending my back on the ascent since I couldn't engage the core properly. Also couldn't go past parallell without butt-winking. Feels a lot more stable now after some months of mobility work, front squats and loads of core work.


Anything else that could be improved?

I use a pretty wide stance (heels just outside shoulders).

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Gonna record my next squat session and post it up next to my previous squat video(the one I constantly get ridiculed for). We'll see if I've made any kind of form gainz over the past 8 months.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Also will post updated DL form. Think RHET will be proud.
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ironic that that pic TK posted has Taner Sağır, he actually has dat SS physique:

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Dat hip mobility
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

ironic that that pic TK posted has Taner Sağır, he actually has dat SS physique:

looked like me when I olympic lifted, dat internally rotated shoulders.
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