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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I think you have to be strict to reach 8%. You pretty much have to be weigh your food or use some other very accurate measuring tool to get an idea of how much you eat.

1500 calories every day is far too little in my experience. I have no idea how big you are or you much you weigh but you're most likely gonna lose too mych strength and size on that big of a calorie deficit. You need to get a rough idea of your daily caloric needs and then multiply it it for the whole week. Take away 3500 calories from that amount and you'll lose a pound a week.

At the start of my cut, I had a lean body mass of 160 pounds at 6'3. Avaraged 2700 calories between rest and workout days to maintain my weight. Ate 2700 on workout days and 1900 on rest days. Lost about a pound a week at the start and later on a bit less.

I think you should set the calories to no less than -30% of your daily needs, up the protein to at least 1.5 BW LB (say 230 grams) and then include one carb refeed day a week with 180g protein, below 50g fat and the rest of your calories up to maintenance in form of carbs (probably about 350-400 carbs). This will ensure you maintain your strength and size and will let you eat some nice carbs as a reward for your work and to keep the unwanted dirty binges away.

My friend I helped did the simplified 5x5 program, no cardio, ate -10% on workout days and -25% on rest days with 3 carb refeeds every week (after each lifting session). Basically the IF cutting protocol. Not saying this is the only way, but it certainly is an easy one that works.

I am going to use a food scale to weigh out things to the dot. The only thing I was not going to be as strict about was meal timing... But now I may reconsider that.

That's another thing, I'm having a difficult time calculating my TDEE. I'm 5'10, 180lbs currently, probably 18% BF. work out 4 days a week.

What did you use to calculate your TDEE? Can anyone in general recommend a good online calculator.
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BW * 15 + 300(if training day) is what I used for my contest prep. Worked pretty well.
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

BW * 15 + 300(if training day) is what I used for my contest prep. Worked pretty well.

Alright, so using that.

180x15+300 = 3,000 calories on training days.

-30%= 900, so that means 2,100 calories on rest days?

If I recall correctly you did low carb right?

How about you conceptionist, how did you run the macros?

Sorry if i'm shitting up this thread by the way. It's just a great way to ask questions/get answers. God knows all the people who I communicate on the regular in my daily life are nowhere near as knowledgable.
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I didn't use the -30% thing. I just did a deficit of 500 cals a day since I knew I wanted to lose about 1lb a week and upped it to 700 cals towards the end for the final push.

I did carb cycling, 4 days no carb 5th day refeed. Refeed day would be at maintenance, every other day would have deficit as outlined above.
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I gotcha, just seems like 3000 cals on a workout day is a lot for a cut.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

I gotcha, just seems like 3000 cals on a workout day is a lot for a cut.

Well at your weight(180), 3000 is maintenance on a workout day. To cut you subtract your desired deficit, so for 1lb/week it would be 2500 cals on a workout day.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

I gotcha, just seems like 3000 cals on a workout day is a lot for a cut.

Calculated figures only provide a starting point. Log your calories and track weight trends. Not losing? Lower calories. Losing too fast and sacrificing strength? Increase calories.

I could only dream of a 3000 calorie maintenance. I was averaging 2200-2300 a day for a while, working out four times a week, and weight change was a gradual gain of a few pounds over a couple months...
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kopt some frees for 50bux. too many gym shoes now.
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

Think I'm developing mild tendonitis in my left elbow. Any suggestions on how to treat? Lighter weight? Avoid lifts with elbow movement? Ice?

Try this: http://glennpendlay.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/got-tendonitis/

Also the curls as fuji suggested. Lots of them, like hundreds.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Alright, so How about you conceptionist, how did you run the macros?

I ate lbm x 1.5 in protein, which is 240g every day at 180. Most people recommend higher protein on a cut since there's a risk you'll lose muscle otherwise. Protein is also more satieting than carbs and fat.

On rest days, I kept carbs in the 50-80g range and fats 75-90g. For workout days, carbs were 320-350g and fats 40-50g. Take into consideration that I was leaner than you at the start of the cut (maybe 14%), which allows for more carbs. I also worked out less (3x a week) so I could eat more calories on workout days and still lose weight. Thisbis the basic LG protocol and is recommended for people in the 12-14% bf range.

In your position, I would do a once a week carb refeed at a small deficit or maintenance and basically do high protein, medium high fat keto macros every other day of the week (say 220-240p, 75-90f, 50-70c). Only eat veggies, berries and a fruit for carbs on rest days with lean and fatty meat and eggs for protein and fat. On workout days you add a lot of starchy carbs for the refeed and eat lean meat for protein. No direct sources for fat, as it should be kept low and come in trace amounts from the carbs and protein. Feel free to eat bread, cereals and the like post workout on the carb refeed day as long as the fat is low.

I think thats basically all you need to know smile.gif
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3000 cals sounds like quite a lot for your maintenance. You're not that big of a dude.


using these calculators your TDEE is in the 2500-2600 range.
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Bb.com no longer has Dymatize cafe mocha in 10lb boxes...fuark. Any recs for a tasty tein that comes in bulk?
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Beyond 5/3/1 is a pretty interesting read. He certainly ads a lot of new stuff to 5/3/1 especially two specific things which he says should now be apart of every 5/3/1 program. I'm going to run out this months cycle, think about it, and see how it can fit into my program.
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3000 for maintenance on a ~180lb body is too much.
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Don't know if that was directed at me, but even though 3000 cals for every day is probably a bit much, my BodyBugg often show a hundred or two more than that on workout days. I bike a couple of miles every day and my workouts usually take 1.5 hours or a bit more. Also do some mobility work at home which adds some calories. Maybe genetics play a role about how easy you put on fat.

At one point on my last bulk, I ate 4000 and 3300 calories for rest/workout days and I only put on 15 lbs over 6 months.
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