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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

wtf is the device they use at 1:03 and where can i get one

It's called a tornado ball.
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Was that Elliott Hustle guy on some reality TV show? Where do I know that face from...
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Managed to do an overhead squat with feet and hands touching, you merlin god mode mobility? Might try it without oly shoes next time.

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That's pretty insane. You've always been that flexible?


Also. dat marphan syndrome.

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Just found out Dan Green's gym is 3 miles from where I work.
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

That's pretty insane. You've always been that flexible?

Also. dat marphan syndrome.

I've always been able to sit like that because my mum never really bought chairs when I was little so i'd just sit like that an play video games all day, but getting the upper back mobility to go from being able to do that with a snatch grip to my hands touching took a couple weeks of moving my hands in a few inches closer every few days until they touched. Doctors aren't really sure if I have marfans or not anymore. Because it's very hard to find the gene, which causes it they usually diagnose it on a bunch of physical symptoms, most of which have gone away as I've gotten older and from lifting, but I'm seeing a geneticist on thursday to actually check for it.
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Anyone got some favorite near zero carb meals at restaurants? Weekend is zero carbs and I fuckin hate it because it leaves me cooking all weekend right after a week of cooking every meal. Weekend I just wana kick back and be lazy. I might just change something up and start eating small amount of carbs on weekend.
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Bacon and eggs ? biggrin.gif
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I eat that every morning -.-

I guess I mostly mean fast food, if that exists lol.
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Sausage, back bacon, a million kinds of omelettes, more bacon, more eggs, cheese...
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^ Yea I guess that works.

I re-did my office today because I bought a big ass squishy theatre seating in my living room where I use to mob.

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Originally Posted by ihambrecht View Post

Yeah, this is a load of bullcrap.

I haven't read a single thing from either of you two which would cause me to seriously consider your opinions on the matter.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

From what i've read from hundreds of experienced users this is the consensus on what happens when you come off. The further you push yourself beyond what can be attained naturally the harder a time you will have keeping it when you're off.

Agreed for the most part. If you're 5'10" and 275 pounds of solid muscle on something, do expect to be able to hold it when you come off.

But if you're 5'10" and a solid 230 with the help of <1g/week, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to keep most or all of your current mass less the bloat you lose if you keep up on your diet.

The main reason why a lot of guys shrink after they come off is because they don't eat as much when they're off (extra test in your system increases your appetite) and, less so, they don't train as hard (attributed a bit to slower recovery time but more so less intensity/aggressiveness).

Basically, you just need to be sensible. If you're on and holding 230 by eating 5k calories/day, then don't expect to come off and hold the same weight by eating less than what you were eating whilst on, even if you're not hungry.
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My friend is taking test for the first time after like 10 years of solid bodybuilding than powerlifting training, interesting to see the changes. He was already 5'8 230lbs and ripped, built like the 70s big guy. He mostly did it because he turned something like 36 years old and kept getting accute injuries in the gym.
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