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Loving all the food I get to eat now that I'm bulking.

Ate 1.5 lbs of mixed cuts of meat with veggies for lunch yesterday, rest day. My post workout meals are pretty beastly too. Usually go for two full bowls of cereals and milk as an appetizer for dat insulin spike and then make a huge serving of pasta, rice or potatoes with some kind of lean meat. I lift in the evening and eating all that afterwards makes sleeping a lot easier. Got so full the first time I could hardly move. Straight to the bed, lol.
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I got fat. I've got gains but I've got fat. Going to cut but I'm so bad at it. I always sneak a few tablespoons of peanut butter or Nutella or cereal at night when I'm starving.

I'm writing here to say I'm going to be shredded in 10 weeks and I'm a man and I'm going to do what I say. Strict diet except for once every two weeks when I get a cheat meal and reevaluate performance the next day.

Feel free to call me out.

I'm going to feel like an idiot when I'm not drunk but here we go.
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You can always go on myfitnesspal and make your diary public and post it here. That will keep you honest, assuming you're honest to yourself about logging it.

About to start a very strict diet myself. Haven't been seeing the fat loss I'd like with my guestimating, so it's time to dial the diet in perfect and remove that as a variable.

Also saw dude in gym tonight warming up and showing off his asian hip mobility genetics then proceeds to do half squats for his working sets. Such wasted potential for good squat form ffffuuuu.gif
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I'm about to do the same. Tomorrow (sunday) im dialing in my macros and cooking for the whole week. Stick that shit in the freezer and could to go.
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I'm fat now too but it's manageable fat. All just part of the game plan. I'm gonna keep bulking for a year or so until I have lean mass worth cutting for. Also have to address some symmetry issues.
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Fuckin bought some cleats to help run this hill and first sprint I pushed off too hard and felt a burn in my hamstring. Was still able to reload squats yesterday but its tender. Guess I should have warmed up.

that gym didn't reply to my email. Guess my lifts were too low to lift with the team.. Cool
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I liked that "I want to look like that guy" doc. Rolled my eyes at the guy being such a wuss when he got a little sick, though. I was surprised at how much he leaned out. Need to find a bod pod to climb into.
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And got flooring icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

How's it getting from the garage floor to gym room floor... I haven't the slightest idea.
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Those horse stall mats are like 100lbs each and unwieldy as fuck. Bringing them home and moving them into place was a workout.
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Damn VLSI getting legit up in here. I'm also jealous that he was able to move into a house with a garage right after college.
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How to calculate my daily caloric needs for my fat self that lays on the couch and plays video games all day ever day? Only time when I'm out and about is when I'm at the gym, going on my walks during off days, or running up hills after the gym, or going to Chipotle.
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Those mats are 5x7, a bit bigger than standard, heavy as fuck. Of course I unloaded them right into my parking space... Garage was #1 requirement for the house. It's a nice house too though.

If you're already tracking your weight and current average calorie intake, you can get your tdee from there.
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I want a garage so bad.
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Im a machine fiend. If someone could make an all in one machine that let you do pulldowns, seated rows, rear delt flys and lateral raises off of maybe 2 sets of plates, I could do a home gym.

I just heard a rumor brahs. Is it true that gains off of dat dere are temporary? Everything I'm reading online is mixed. Thats a game changer. IF it's not permanent whats the point for someone who doesn't compete?
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