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so i got that smith machine and ish for 300 bux, so whoever guessed closest, good for you! i have some too-tight tees that might fit you so pm me if you're willing to pay shipping on that stuff, lol. cray cray price, now another similar deal has popped up. hoping i havent missed out on it. i have half a mind to flip the smith machine which would leave me with plates for free, but we'll see what happens.

camping this week which is nice but im already feeling fat and soft due to minimal protein and heavy carb meals. dragged a heavy ass log down the beach to build a huge sand castle with my nieces and nephews though, dat functional strength.
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Oh shit a legit powerlifting gym just opened in my city. I'm so stoked, going to go full out and hire a real powerlifting coach.
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oh and thanks for the love for my onion parody, it felt like a better way to make light of the situation lol.

GN y u no respond to pm
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

For teh aesthetics I'd say it's a bit worse, but i'm guessing its a lot better for powerlifting, which is your goal.

TBH I think it looks better myself.

Girls have always loved my ass. Also, while a skinny torso looks better in magazines, there's something to be said for having a thick torso that conveys some type of power IRL.

I suppose it's not conventionally attractive in terms of what's in the magazines, but then again I've never found for e.g. Paris Hilton hot at all.

Not that it matters because the most important thing is the way you carry yourself, but you get my point anyway.
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Its def a balance. I have and am really grateful for having great lower half genes. Right now I have 26" thighs and I'm only squatting 3x8x245 just kind of fucking around. I think I turned those genes on as a kid w/basketball and cycling. I'm looking forward to see how far I can go
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I'm just thick all around now. Like my father. I was skinny as fuck like my mother, now I look exactly like my dad who was a fireman for 24 years and also worked construction. My sister said she freaked out when I visited in January because she thought dad was in the garage (who is dead now RIP), but turned out to be me.
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Dude goes from DYEL to aesthetic.
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^ lol @ $4,000 worth of supplements.. lol @ that poor sap believing that guy is all natural
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I'm not talking about fat vs skinny, I'm talking about that barrel chested shape where the torso and ribcage are quite large btw
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I watched that last night, was amused at how whiny and bitchmade that guy was. Also serious lawls when his parents didn't approve.
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1 hour video in 360p wtf.
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TFW youre lifting to man of steel OST and you hit that part of the set where jesus tells you to stop and you tell him to fuck off right at the time the music starts peaking icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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holy shit i did Max OT first year of college. I was like 150lbs but was lookin alright. then i didnt touch a weight for like 2 years.
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look at that, all that time spent in the gym and it didn't do shit to his shitty posture.
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Coldsnap, post some posture and hip mobility exercises
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