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Damn you really ate all that in one sitting???

*EDIT* Thinking about it it is doable. For some reason I translated 400g into 4lbs. I do about 600-700g of chicken in one sitting, and then follow that up with about 300-400g of carbs and another 70-80g of whey

Looks good though
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500g pasta is no joke, that shit is filling as fuck
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Yeah, takes some time (approx. 1 movie) to horse that sh*t down but then again IF messes up your sense of portion size.

242lbs paused bench felt relatively easy today; making progress : )
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

I translated 400g into 4lbs.

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If crashing your metabolism is a thing then why isn't have a fast/slow metabolism?
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I read about crashing your metabolism by eating way too little. Every time someone claims they have a slow metabolism though, people call bs. Why?
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You mean that it slows down when you eat way too little? Like when non-fat ppl do PSMF for too long?
I think ppl call BS because:

A) Many fat ppl with regular metabolisms claim to have a slow one just as an excuse (The girl who cried wolf....) ,

B) Even ppl with slow metabolisms can drop weight if they eat below maintenance.

Not sure if the latter is actually the case btw but I think thats how many ppl see it.
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p much... "Slow" implies a permanent metabolic state and is usually accompanied by an excuse. "Crashed" is more of a diagnosis and indicates a concrete course of action to be taken from that point.
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On that pulled chicken note, pork loin went on sale for 1$/lb here. Copped 30lbs for 30 bux, my freezer looks like a piggie morgue.
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welp I accidentally hit 200lbs I guess. Weighed 195lbs saturday and decided to up my protein meals by 1oz, figured it wouldn't do anything because I switched from walking for 45 mins to running hills. Didn't weigh myself all week and weighed myself tonight and was 200lbs.
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All right, man, let's see some pics. 200 pounds at 5'7" or whatever and "16 percent" BF has gotta have you looking mighty impressive.
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Yea lol not really. Pretty sure 16 plus prevent bf is considered obese here
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You're a good sport, if nothing else, man.
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Hmm maybe in a little bit. Still a bit self conscious about the lack of chesticles. But they filling out as my bench goes up
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