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It's pretty much like pretending to live IMO
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kostantinov man:

oh to be aesthetic and hyooooooooge Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
(looking, dude isn't actually that hyooge)
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Is that knucks
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that is knucks
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Is that knucks

Lucas Parker
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Nope. It's knucks.
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Def. knucks
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Is Knucks doing crossfit now?
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Just saw this on FB, srry, had to share.
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Wtd accidently left my Stick at the gym and someone used it and bent it into a half circle. What monster would do this?! This is war.
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Any of you RHET brahs ever wake up and just know aint shit getting done that day? no workout, no sticking to diet. shitty feels.
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Going from a strict cut into maintenance calories I've loosened up a bit and been eating a lot more refined carbs along with increased artificial sweetener and sodium intake. Looked at myself in the mirror today and thought I looked soft and bloated. Not happy.

Made me think about cutting out the "bad" carbs and all "unnecessary" foods (salt, sweetener, pre packaged stuff) and be strict on my upcoming bulk. In that case, I would use mainly tubers and potatoes with limited rice and whole grain pasta for carbs, cutting out almost all grains and dairy. Some fruit. Meat and eggs for protein. Good oils, eggs, avocados, salmon and nuts for healthy fats.

Basically I would be doing a stricter bulk (not simply IIFYM) with the same total calories. I guess this should limit sluggishness and bloating while providing more vitamins and minerals than whatever IIFYM style diet.

Anyone tried something similar and care to share? Are micronutrients important on a bulk? (we all know they are on a cut)
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If you think about it, on a cut or not, eating a diet high in natural, wholesome foods makes the most sense. I look at a lot of my gym rat friends, and the ones who bulk clean always look better than the guys who don't give a shit and eat Big Macs and Doritos.
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of course they look better but are they putting on muscle as quickly?

That's the question you have to ask yourself if you decide to limit a food group while going on a bulk. How easy will it be to get that all important caloric excess?
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Maybe it's because I'm a small fry, but smashing 1500cal of chicken, potatoes, n broccoli after working out is often harder than the workout.
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