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why da fuck is he so small and veiny
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Low body fat = illusions of being HUGH
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He doesn't look huge, he just looks cut.
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Worked out at a New York Sports Club on Long Island today, holy shit. I really don't give a fuck who works out, or does what, but the amount of douchebaggery encountered was unreal.

Bro, all broed out in tapout gear + cap, yelling loud enough for the whole weight room "DO YOU EVEN LIFT, DO YOU EVEN LIFT" and hitting himself in the head to pump himself up for his... quarter range of motion 225 smith machine squats. what the fuck goes through theses peoples heads?
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actual wolverines > comic book equivalents
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Anyone have an opinion on the powerblock (adjustable dumbbell people) flat/incline bench? Value?
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Man, just felt hungry alll day. So far all I've eaten is a chicken breast and a bag of steamed broccoli. Downing a whole package of ricotta that was in my fridge right now, fuck it 18g PWO carbs isn't gonna kill me and it'll go bad if I don't eat it anyways. Gonna cook one or two more chicken breasts after this then that'll probably be it.

Continued lifting where I left off. Box squat was the hardest it ever was today, I was so bummed that I lost so much strength until I reracked and realized I don't even math because I accidentally put 10 lbs more on than I should have. New accidental PR felt pretty damn good.

Down to 174/175 already, no idea how much of this is water probably a bunch but I've also not been eating much. My lifts haven't been doing terrible since I started again, either, which is all good signs.

Took a photo at the salon before hopping in a tanning bed. Here I am at 175 today: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The photo sucks, but so did the last one I posted so they're apples.

You can see I'm holding a little more fat in my love handles than the photo I posted from last July at 158 but I'd say I'm not too far off. I'm excited to see how different I look if I can get back down to 158.
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You'll probably look pretty much like you did at 158. Lighting is bad in this pic, but arms and shoulders look pretty much the same, and as you mentioned, you're holding more fat in the mid-section.
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Well, my arms and shoulders are actually bigger (though I don't know by how much as I haven't been measuring), and my lifts have gone up so I don't think that's true. We'll see I guess. I think at least I won't look like a twig like I did back then.
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why do you even cut?
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Okay brahs off to TX for a month...cya in a bit!! happy.gif
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How tall are you? If not manlet sized stop cutting.
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Why is everyone telling him not to cut?
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I'm not usually one of those "don't cut, brah" dudes, but as I mentioned, once he gets back down to his target weight, he's going to look pretty similar to how he did a year ago. I don't know what his goals are, but unless the only objective is to increase his lifts, it seems like he sort of spun his wheels for a year from a diet/body comp standpoint.
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nah look if it's sticking to his original plan then it's good for the sake of consistency and experience that he cuts.

If it turns out that he hasn't put on as much muscle as he would have liked, then he'll know to modify for that with his next cycle.

Stick with the plan.
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