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Originally Posted by AKang View Post

I just made 8 separate tupperware meals that'll last me 2 days. Just wondering how many meals you guys prepare in advance?


depends how ambitious i am feeling, minimum 6 meals (I eat 2 big meals per day).

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I used to prep my meals for the entire week. I got out of that habit and then just started eating out, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of pre-cooking food. Since I'm doing RFL for the next week or two I'm hoping it'll be easy.
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Doing some prep work goes a long way in terms of not finding ways to justify eating out. Lot less likely to stop somewhere on the way home from the gym if you know you've got some prepared meat in the fridge and some chopped ingredients that just need to be tossed in a pan for a few minutes.
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This is why I love crock pots. Do light prep the night before, dump everything into the crock pot, set on low for 8 hours and by the time you get back home after work and the gym you got a hot meal that actually tastes good and fits all needs.

Chicken breast, garlic, onions + leeks + carrots (or whatever veggies of your choice) some chicken broth or beef broth, little red wine, salt + pepper and you got a fuckin fantastic meal.

Damn... now I'm hungry. 6 hours to go.
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you shouldn't be cooking chicken breasts for 8 hours in a crockpot
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

you shouldn't be cooking chicken breasts for 8 hours in a crockpot

as long as you put a bit of oil in there it will be fine.

But I would definitely prefer to use thighs or wings or drumsticks.
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I did some for a few hours and they turned into pulled chicken pretty nicely
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^Yup, makes for some good chicken salads or even a quick pulled chicken for sandwiches or wraps

As long as you have a liquid like a broth or wine in there the chicken breast stays incredibly tender. I only say chicken breast since that's more common and seems like it's what people prefer. I rather go thighs myself.
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Just bought a slow cooker this weekend. What else do I add besides chicken and veggies?
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I think the best damn dish I've ever made in the crock pot / slow cooker is oxtails. Ok need to leave this thread.
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Got my dreaded 2-mile run coming up this weekend. Godddd this is gonna suck.
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Try crock pot with ox tail, some beer, and rock sugar
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My mom makes a mean chicken stew. She just leaves the pot on the range all day on low. Chicken falls off the bone.

I def need that swimming guide. Went to the new gym pool, I didn't even do 1 lap before the lifeguard came over in anticipation of drownage. When I kick off and just keep my arms out I am good. But once I throw arms in the mix my kick rhythm gets thrown off and it all just goes to shit. It doesnt help that I'm dense as fuck and hover about a foot below the surface if I dead man float. So I kind of have to thrast and struggle just to skim the surface. I NEED HELP!!!! But at least I'm mobile now. I can go for 20 meters w/o stopping
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Short version is you're probably tensing up too much and losing optimal body position but I'll get more into detail later

Practice front glide/side glide on a flutterboard in the meantime, making sure to keep your chin tucked in both positions so your body stays horizontal in the water

Front glide = facedown, arms extended
Side glide = sideways, mouth just clear of water, arm in water extended to Flutterboard and opposite arm down at your side; roll slightly towards back to ensure you're able to breathe instead of moving your head
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Dijion mustard, olive oil, chopped garlic, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper mixed together make for a nice dressing over a pile of chicken and greens. Breath is KICKING right now, though.
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