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Good luck guys.

Received my EFS heavy elbow sleeve and so decided to go back to benching after a bit of a hiatus due to tendinitis. The good news is that the sleeve was incredibly helpful in preventing any elbow pain, as of now, gone completely. However, definitely a different experience using a sleeve, I think it basically takes the stress on the elbow and distributes it up the arm to the bicep and down the arm to the wrist, both felt much more taxed. Blood flow was also a bit of an issue which seemed to hamper my strength, was only able to put up 3 x 225 vs. 5 at 235 a couple weeks ago. Maybe it just takes some getting used to, certainly better than the alternative which is not benching at all.
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After a few sessions using them you'll probably get a couple pounds out of them.
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1. Finally got to 77kg bw

2. DL PR of 160kg on Friday

can't wait for monday session
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Charly whatcha eating today?

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Good luck today Charly!

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You doing your thing today TK??

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Good luck to both of you guys. Charly, smash some fuckin weights, and TK may your aesthetics rival those of Zeus.

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Good luck guys!

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Guys, Good Luck! Have fun with it.

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Good luck RHET bros!

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Good luck guys.

Belated thanks everyone.

A quick write up:

Had a moderate cut and felt okay the day of lifting. Had to go early to watch my friend lift in the AM session so basically sat around for 5 hours until I had to lift.

Overall, I was happy with the meet, especially with my bench (65lb meet PR). Got the 1,500 total I was aiming for at this meet. First professional/elite total.

The only thing I was slightly disappointed in was my squat depth. Wayyyyyy tooooo low. Completely blanked on cutting to proper depth which I have been in training. Oh well. Even with BURYING 585, I almost got it. I'll be more conscious of this next time. Maybe widen my stance a bit more or something.

I'll be shoot for a meet towards the end of this year.. maybe November or December.

Will be aiming to compete in the 198's again.. with a bigger cut. And will probably be my last meet in the 198's.. but who knows. Shooting for a 625/405/650.

Anyways, I'll shut up now.. here's the video:
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Just curious, what was your overall ranking in the meet?
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God damn, that's some real shit. My PRs qualify for class IV... But I've never been to an actual meet and I'm not sure I could hit enough all on the same day LOL.

Ah well, some day I'm definitely going to one.
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

Just curious, what was your overall ranking in the meet?

Not sure what I was overall. But there was a 198 there already with a previous pro total. I entered in as an amateur but I totaled pro so they moved me up to the pro division at the end. That guy ended up with a 1,550 total.
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awesome fucking shit man. congrats on the meet PR's and too bad on the misses but now you'll have more fuel for the fire for next time.

time for me to shut the fuck up and train harder, inspiring stuff, thanks
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Won physique, got second in middleweight in bodybuilding(outta two lol)
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Wow. Nice lifts Charly. Intense arch on the benching. Shame about the squat and DL but I'm confident you'll increase those numbers very soon.



While on the topic, I just found out there's a weightlifting club in my town. They have their own gym and hold meets every now and then. Seems super cool. The members fee for training is very cheap too (about half of what I pay now at the fancy new built gym I go to) and includes coaching on the main lifts from the old regulars there. Looked up some pics of it and looks like a proper place to train with lots of power racks, barbells and semi fat middle age weightlifters icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


The problem is that they only offer annual member ships and being half way through the year already, it'd be expensive to join now. On the plus, that leaves me with some time to bulk up and increase my number until I join next year so I don't embarrass myself with my current lifts. 

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guys TK sent me pics of himself right before his comp
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Won physique, got second in middleweight in bodybuilding(outta two lol)

if you would have cut that hair you woulda scored first for real
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jokes aside nice job man! how many pitiful dyels did you slay in physique?

bulk time?
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Congrats guys. Chariy, I really thought you had the 585 squat, was screaming at the video.
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mrchariybrown Congrats, man, but tell us about what you ate after weighing in!
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Congrats guys.

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Nice Chariy! Congratulations on going elite.
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