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Lol why would you control the weight down? Throw dem bitches, ideally from the top of the movement. However if you lift with your ipod in your pocket you may want to check its still in there before you do that, lost an ipod touch that way.

Am sad, today was my last press day before my cut. Feels bad knowing I won't get to handle weight this heavy again for a while. Soon I will be under 40kg dumbbells for flat db bench. Also overhead pressed for the first time in like 6 months and have gotten stronger at it, which is nice. Not much stronger, but considering I haven't trained it at all, am happy.

Fucking fat jewish kid keeps asking me so many questions. Like every few hours. This is why you don't help people in the gym, because you get fucking leaches attaching themselves to you. Literally get texts every few hours. Recently he has asked me

what creatine and BCAAs to buy
do you burn more calories more sleeping or awake
should I start doing hot yoga, would be hilarious to watch, apparently he needs to do it to cleanse.
Why do I need rest days, to which I replied to rest. Apparently he doesn't need them because he's 5'8" and short muscles don't need long to recover. I told him to follow the fucking program I gave him ,which he has now modified the shit out of to have 300 sets a week. Told him self regulating training is a shit idea for beginners. Told me he's not a beginner, told him my sister squats twice as much as him lb for lb and he got mad.
He has managed to fuck up the dosing advice I gave him for sterons because he forgot to read how many mg each pill is.
He asked me why its important to weigh your food
Why is it important for him to eat at all if he can take enough ephederine?
Asked me if I had any ice because he wanted some to raise his metabolism.
A few minutes ago he asked me what shoes he needs to lift, I'm getting massively annoyed with him so I've talked him into wasting a few hundred dollars on a pair of romeleos. Nike might as well make money on him, he's pretty much there target audience, fat americans who want to do everything except exercise and buy shit because they think they're athletes.
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I started cutting while on this posture prog. Fuck it, I can make strength gains later, don't wanna be chubby for summer and gotta get this posture shit corrected once and for all. Started EC today and on creatine, keeping protein generally high to minimize muscle loss. Target goal is 15 lbs. Started tracking cals, too, which I never really did.

Hip flexors are fucking tight, even after rolling and stretching multiple times a day. I still can't figure out why I'm underutilizing my glutes/hams on squat movements - supposed to do heel elevated front squats and goblet squats on this but I'm feeling it mostly in my quads which seems counterproductive.

Planning my meals out very loosely by looking at whats on sale for the week and making sure I have enough protein/carb/veg sources on hand. Cheapest way to do it, just got a whole pork loin for $2/lb now I gotta find a good recipe.
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Originally Posted by Axelman 17 View Post

I am starting to have a hard time getting the weight up to start the press (I usually kind of kick it off my thighs) and dropping it safely at the end. Any tips?
Make gym friends, so they can be spotters. Profit.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Planning my meals out very loosely by looking at whats on sale for the week and making sure I have enough protein/carb/veg sources on hand. Cheapest way to do it, just got a whole pork loin for $2/lb now I gotta find a good recipe.

will get back to you on that
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you should totally troll this guy and give out some really shitty advice
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Haven't lost any real strength from running and cutting (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself as I type). 2 mile run progress was shit last week, due to some overworked muscles around the quad (I know what's called but not off the top of my head). So, I have been doing some deep tissue massages on that bish and just got my grid roller (definitely helps in addition to the lax ball). Anyways, after my quads tightened, I still ran and did a 19 minute 2 mile run. Hoping to get that bish down to at least a 15-16 range and then I am good. My muscular legs are helping with my runs frown.gif
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^All of which is done at 6'2" @ 212lbs. Don't know how some fat brahs can outrun me in the long distance runs. Fuck.
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KC do you have a grill?
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

you should totally troll this guy and give out some really shitty advice

Thats why I told him to buy nike romeleos and got him some expensive as fuck creatine. He obv needs some of the best lifting shoes in the world, for his half knee bends man, maybe get him to buy some rehbands too, fuck it he might as well just lift in an adidas singlet. Will post his next question on here to get ideas on how to troll.

inb4 why are you making this kid waste his money. He was complaining to me his dad bought a porsche he didn't like, that is enough reason.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

KC do you have a grill?

Yeah it's a smaller one though I'd probably have to cut this loin in half to fit it, it's one of those tiny Weber charcoal ones you set on the ground at tailgates.
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1/4 c salt
1 2.5-3 lb boneless blade-end or center-cut roast, trimmed and tied at 1 1/2 inch intervals
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp pepepr
2 c wood chips, soaked in water for 15 min.

1. Dissolve Salt in 2 quart water, submurge pork and brine in fridge 1-1.5 hr. Remove, pat dry, rub iwth oil, coat with pepper, let sit 1 hr
2. Wrap soaked chips in foil packet and cut holes in top.
3. Make one side of your grill hot
4. Put woodchips on coals/grill and let smoke (5 min charcoal, 15 min gas).
5. Brown all sides of roast, about 10-12 minutes, move loin to cool side of grill .
6. Cover and cook 20 minutes.
7. Flip roast over, and cook until center is 140*, 10-30 min longer.
8. Put on cotting board, tent with foil, let rest 15 minutes, slice into .5 inch slices. Eat.

Edit: Oh it looks like you want more of an oven roast then. Same principle applies I guess (pan sear/roast) though you won't get the smoky flavor.

Didn't brine this one but used basically the same recipe (pan sear/roast)

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Brb eating the same shit for dinner that I do every night.

Feelsbadman frown.gif

Cutting and being a shitty cook make for a miserable combination, lol. I miss my pizza bulk.
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Hey man thanks for the rec, I think I can cut the loin in half and it'll work for that recipe. I'll probably not get to it until this weekend, though. I gotta buy charcoal anyways and start getting ready for summer grilling.

If we're throwing cook book recs out I'd highly recommend Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan (Amazon). It's the fucking bible of Italian cooking, I lived out of this book for a couple months when I first got it haha. A lot of the recipes are very simple with really high quality ingredients.
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I need to buy a grill. For the amount i cook meat the fact that i don't own a grill is the ultimate feelsbadman.
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