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I did that for awhile until it became difficult to look for 2.5 lb weights (0)
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Why would you have to look for 2.5lb plates?

Thats just the bar, bar+25s, bar+45s, bar+45s and a pair of 10. I never have to look for little plates when im warming up, just do 10 or 20kg jumps.
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Okay shog[1].gif
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That was just posted the other day right? I was reading through it last night, going to try it out. Haven't been doing warm up sets (my weight is still low anyways), but I think it could help.
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Yeah, posted it twice in two days but apparently people dgf
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I'm gonna try to lift for as long as possible without knowing what SPBR is. I've made it this far.

nope, lies. you've already come out in this thread and said you'd looked at the program and you thought it was stupid. liar
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haven't been to the gym in almost 3 weeks now. god damn it. working on this shit is killing me.
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Wow incline bb feels so good, going to do more from now on.

Also apparently i'm super delt dominant. Can OHP 60kg, can incline bench 60kg for 7 reps, but my 5RM on flat bench is only 77.5kg.

Need to find ways to get that pectoral up.
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^Dumbbell flyes with full ROM
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I thought those numbers were "normal" whatever that means. My latest 5 rep sets are OHP 60kg and 80kg flat bench.
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the irony is that SPBR would be the perfect routine to help with for coldsnap's lagging bench press
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Yeah numbers seem pretty standard. Last summer when I was very delt dominant, my flat bench was 4kg over my overhead press. Had been corrected now though.
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I might be getting a job w/a lot of travel (like 100% damn near). Most of the travel would be up and down the east coast. Is there a gym company that is everywhere, or am I gonna be doing a lot of guest passes?

Also I am warming up to this liquid diet thing. Def will be easier than road food. Is it even possible to fly w/like 10lb of protein powder?
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NYSC has BOS, DC and PHIL. I was in Boston 2 weeks ago and worked out there no problem
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