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Originally Posted by embowafa View Post

my first thought was Adam from Workaholics.

I've literally been having nightmares the last few weeks that involve me showing up on stage like that.
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Wow. Someone needs to tell that dude that just cause he cant see his lats doesn't mean the judges cant either.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I once had steak everyday and wanted to puke by Wednesday

Plus it gave me some pretty bad runs to the restroom.
I'll stick to chicken I guess.

Will tryout that app. tonight

Thanks for the heads up about protein. It makes sense now since my bro (6'0, ~180) is fucking solid. But he also eats like a cow and takes protein shakes. His numbers are 225/225/225 fwiw. He is totally solid and when he cuts down (if he ever does) he'd be pretty ripped I think. Being younger than me I'm really jelly TBH lol

Get yourself a food scale too, and weigh your meat before you cook it!
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Wanted to yell at my co-workers, especially the female who was saying "peanut butter is bad for you! acne!!" "All those hours at the gym wasted!"

I was having a tablespoon FWIW while everyone is snacking on cookies, drinking bubble milk tea etc.

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^ she has a point. Should be eating a pound of chicken or beef instead.
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Heeding my own advice, tonight I impulsively picked up a five-pound pack of chicken, food scale, and new food storage container. Also finally bought some new flatware just to estrogen it up a bit.
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Fatman aesthetics: 6'2" 215lbs frown.gif

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looks good to me
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not bad, porky
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If anyone is looking for food storage containers on the cheap, and likes to cook in bulk and freeze/fridge said large amounts of food, these are what I use:

and they work great in my fridge. i can stack 4 (2 deep, 2 across) on a shelf perfectly. each one holds about 5 days or so of food.
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Do those leak? I threw out a glass container out of my office windows 3 stories up because it leaked on my filson. was so pissed

and ya plastic no bueno, will give you cancer in the dick
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Those plastic ones are a lot more economical, but they almost feel too disposable. Like, they're perfect if you lend out your tupperware, since who cares if you don't get it back, but for not a ton more, I don't mind going for the hard plastic ones or even the occasional glass one.

I know I've seen some that tout how it's basically impossible for it to leak, but I can't for the life of me recall the brand. They'd be a must-have if I ever had to actually transport my meals. I'm too much of a spaz not to worry about a vat of soup rushing out of a container in my bag.

I know it's just a food scale, but I'm already loving this thing. Seems accurate and the design is sleek and understated. Good stuff all around.
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I have an extra food scale. Since I'm such a nice guy I'll give it to someone for free if you pay shipping. It's still new in box, bought it as a backup just in case mine broke but I hate storing shit. Only caveat is you gotta be on the way to getting jacked, no weighing shit so you can maintain 140lbs or w/e
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After I read up on macros I'll see if the peanut butter was a good idea to snack on or some jerky would have been better.
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Depends on what your macros are. I eat a shit ton of peanut butter during the day, go thorugh a big ass jar a week.
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