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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

So basically in your ideal situation I should be paying $150k for no reason then? So that $150k I'm spending should put me at no advantage over someone not spending the $150k in fact it would put me at a disadvantage because I would have 3 years less work experience. What gain is there at all from learning about liberal arts? in your idealistic world I wouldn't be at university wasting my time on a useless degree i'd have applied to KPMG when I finished A levels and done a training program. Disregard culture acquire aesthetics.


Yes, I said you should pay $150,000 for no reason. 

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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

Where are you from?

In your link you sign up to put your name into a lottery to be chosen to get free lessons. If anything that speaks to my point.

And in any case, lessons are not enough. You need practice. I took swimming lessons as a kid (~12yo). From there I didn't have access to a pool regularly till about 12 years later. Parents were too busy/tired to take me to the beach. Wifey and I went to Coney Island a lot over the summer... its crowded as fuck. So its def not that easy. I know a lot of NYCers who can't swim.

Not to mention those public pools are nasty as shit. Syringes, condoms, all types of fuckery. They opened a new pool in BK, they closed it the 3rd day cause someone took a shit in it. So you can google "NYC swimming pools" all you want but at the end of the day its not that fucking simple. When I took lessons I had to go from one end of Queens (Rosedale) to the other (Astoria/Elmhurst). It was like 1-2 hours each way.

having lifeguarded for a long-ass time i can confidently tell you this is not an especially rare happening and certainly not unique to new york
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i learned to swim as a kid but was never good at it.

Unrelated: TFW you take off your shirt while making out with a chick and her face just lights up.

But then you get blue ballls'd because she has to leave early

but then you use the frustration to fuel a killer workout.
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I think it was in a Malcolm Gladwell book where he talked about certain neighborhoods or ethnicities not being able swim due to certain socio-economic factors.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

BRB, about to go squat 495 for reps.

Was going for 3.. got 5. FUCKING PUMPPPPPED icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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gotta love the AZN aggression yell at the end
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I grew up in the boondocks of Virginia where public pools weren't available/accessible. Took swimming lessons in college, but didn't swim much afterwards. I can float and thus stay alive for awhile, but never would be able to swim to safety, if needed.
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We had a private pool peepwall[1].gif
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Jelly how upright you stay Charly. I guess having short torso and short femurs help, but still wish I could stay that upright!

Awesome squat.
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Dat Azn geometry.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post


Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

rhet: full of totally normal people
o_O This is literally the first place I've met more than one person that can't swim.
Originally Posted by bbaquiran View Post

This forum is weird. Everyone I know IRL can swim.

You non-swimmer dudes need to take some Total Immersion classes.
Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Also can't swim lol
Can't swim, can't walk up stairs without dying, damn brah. fix yo shit.
Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

Again, didn't grow up near any pools or clean bodies of water. For the folks who learned how to swim... WHERE did you learn?
Mandatory classes during PE in K-12 (something like 3rd grade, 6th, 9th?) and having grown up in apts that had pools.
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LOL well after losing 24 pounds since November, I can finally tackle the stairs again.
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tfw you lie about your hobby because you don't want to spend an hour elucidating plebs on the differences between wl, pl and bb
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My parents signed me up for swimming classes at about 12-13, I was super-embarassed because I was the only one in my class who didn't know how to swim. Later I've actually trained it for about 6months because my doctor ordered it when I busted my knees playing basketball.

Any suggestions for a belt? I'm feeling like my core is letting up on some reps on squats and dls.
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There are multiple possibilities on the market such as TITAN, EliteFTS, etc. Just be sure to pick a good sturdy one in leather. Think 50-100 bucks. Will last you a life time and is totally worth it.

PS: May be a bitch to break in.
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