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Jesus, that is one CREEPY ass family
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Also love it when euro exchange girls come up to me for squat advice.....too bad my gf is like 10m away.

Smolov has you doing 136 work squats at a minimum of 70% of your 1rm a week. More then half of those reps are in sets of 9 or 7, that will make you grow fuck loads. Ran it twice, always put loads of size on my legs.

Edit: fucking hell at erics squat speed. Don't really understand why he psyches himselves up for 550lb squats though when he's maxing at 906lb. I'm not spending a minute prepping for a 200lb single.
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Why is #100 higher than #50?

Because the top 50 I listed are the "current" top 50 meaning they're lifts from the last 12 months.

The #100 is off the list for the top lifters since 2007.

I did it to give you a reference of where to 50th person stood in a slightly larger picture.

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Thanks Charly!

Looks great on you man!

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Jesus, that is one STRONG ass family

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Any recommendations for glute / ham raises? Goodmornings?
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Bunch of dudes do that @ gym. I was always curious...will attempt next week.

like a horse
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Personally like RDL over GHR or goodmornings...easiest to get form right, and can go heavy for 5 reps.
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Took some Bronkaid to see if it can clear up my chest so I'm not coughing anymore, ffs this shit is annoying.
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It does work for its intended purpose quite well too.
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Felt like a boss on medicine rotation when I recommended we give some bronkaid to congested patient and it worked like a charm. Might help them lose weight too.

Inb4 they have heart attack :-/
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Worked after about half an hour, I can already breath clearly and am no longer coughing. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Was supposed to pause bench 325x2x5 yesterday.

Misloaded my first working set by accident and put on 335 instead of 325.

Was disappointed for a split second until I realized that I just tripled my 1RM from exactly 11 weeks ago. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Going for 330x2x5 next week! I won't misload this time haha
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being at a new job ive been working longer hours and neglecting the gym, a shitty contrast to the couple weeks off where I was in the gym daily at off peak hours. Thanks, guys for the inspo to get back in there during the week. 

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glorious day in america the beautiful yesterday. panera bread and mrs fields, how you feed my soul. finished the day off with wendys, unintentional cheat day glory. may have done a few sets of dips and db rows at denhams because i am that guy

my fuck is michigan dirty though, sorry APK/knucks. no aesthetic women in the state confirm/deny??

also +1 on RDL, i think its my favourite lift.
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Just did RDL today, 2 sets of 6 with 220lbs after lying leg curls. Trying to make sure i get the form right.
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