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I think I've had a few awesome moments in my past lifting. The most notable would probably be cutting down 30 lbs and then "bulking" back up 30 lbs. Obviously not all muscle, but the visual difference in losing 30lbs of fat and adding back the same amount in muscle and fat is pretty striking.

I'm also really happy that my current workout prog is really balanced so I no longer have internally rotated shoulders and I do a lot of tricep work to balance out curls so I don't have gymbro gorilla arms.

I've been noticing my posture is insanely good when sitting, too. I don't use chair backs much anymore, and I don't even realize it. Still have the pelvic tilt that I'm too lazy to fix that I should one day because it makes me look fatter than I am.

Still working towards 2xBW squat for reps, though, which is my current long term goal. I'd like to grow my pecs more but don't want to mess up my shoulder balance and I'm already doing back work so I guess just stay the course on what I'm doing.
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Originally Posted by virus646 View Post

If I may, why the weight limit/goal? I understand the numbers but am curious on the weight.

Well I should've clarified the 242's. Impossible for me to carry more weight whilst carrying a high amount of lean mass so I can move proper weight for top rankings. If I want to compete in the 275's or 308's and be ranked up top, I'll need some extra extra.
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All time WR in 198's raw total without wraps and all time WR in 198's raw squat without wraps.

And this kid is only 19.

And he's a 198's at 5'10"...

If he stays healthy, he might be the next Ed Coan and will sweep all the total, squat, and deadlift WR's from 198's to 242's+

Looks like my chances of holding a WR is pretty slim to none now.

This kid is from another planet.

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Yea.. I give up..

(not really though)
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God, strong mofo and at that age! Good shit. Ben Rice is another one to watch out.
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your lagging AZN genetics cannot match up to the GMO-altered DNA of these corn-fed monstrosities.
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Roids would be so nice. Considering running a cycle when I turn 27
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I want to see where I am by the end of this year. I haven't been training/eating optimally until now. If I don't hit the strength milestones I want by 2014 I will seriously consider some kind of 'thol or 'trol. But so far I am doing pretty well.
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Started my planks PT routine yesterday.

the dr. was right. my core is fucking weak as shit.

But at least i'm aesthetic wink.gif
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I've started eating just over 3000 calories for a cut/recomp. Hopefully i will notice visual changes within like 8 weeks, shouldn't lose too much strength as im on max OT everything 4-6 reps might even gain some strength if i get plenty of protein in. No longer can i justify getting a BK double angus with cheese because im bulking. Might even be able to fit some vegetables into my diet.
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@ Stinger:

Umm... You sure your maintenance is around 3000 cal? At 6'3 185 I calculated mine as 2600. How many days a week do you lift? If you do a 3 split for instance, unless you work at a factory, warehouse, on a farm or anywhere where you walk a lot and lift things, I strongly believe you want to set your activity multiplier as "lightly active". 


And at 3000 cal, you still can eat pretty much whatever. Why wouldn't you be able to eat that burger? Just hit your grams / macros for the day (which will be generous at 3000). Yesterday was my rest day on which I only eat 2000 and I went to a pork and pancake buffet no problem. 


You will see strength gains if you believe it. All my lifts are still going up.

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Originally Posted by stinger70 View Post

I've started eating just over 3000 calories for a cut/

Did I miss something here?
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my TDEE came out at 4000 when i did it all in detail, i know thats too high but i will definitley lose weight on 3000.
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Do you have a manual labor job?
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no, i'd say lightly active at work.
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