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interesting. im still looking for a pair of kind of multi purpose basketball shoes
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I wouldn't wear them for basketball--not a ton of ankle support. Why not just get some dunks or something?
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ooh. that's a great idea thanks
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Honestly I was never a fan of playing basketball in Dunks, as absurd as that sounds.
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so, not a good idea? what would you recommend?
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nah dunks are bad. because the court feels like shit with them.

just get some cheap sub $100 nike or adidas @ your local footlocker or some.

although multi purpose and basketball shoes dont really go together.
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When I played basketball I just bought whatever high tops looked cool and my mum would pay for. Only played when I was 14 though, it'd be cool to play again now I can dunk.
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How long do you guys wait after working out a muscle to work it again?

Is the muscle 'ready' to be worked out after it stops being sore? I've been waiting a week on average before working them out again, but I'm wondering if I can work them every 3-4 days instead.
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I've made progress squatting 6 days a week and squatting 1 day a week. It depends on the intensity and how well you're conditioned to your training. Currently I do each muscle group twice a week.
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Gotcha, thanks.

I'm sure with googling I can find the right answer, but how long does it take for a muscle to repair its microtears after a workout? 2-3 nights' worth of rest? Or, again, is it dependent on the person and their workout?
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Depends on how much you tear it up, how much you sleep, how much you eat and how adapted you are to your training. When I was squatting 6 days a week i'd only do like 5-10x2 with 85% of my max, which isn't particularly hard to do and I was sleeping and eating fuck loads. I'm only squatting twice a week now so each session is much more intense, higher volume, working up to a higher percentage of my max and then lots of assistance work. I train with my dad sometimes and he can't train the same way because he can't recover from it fast enough so that depends on the person.
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I switch between upper and lower that target generally the same muscle groups, so every Monday/Friday I'll work the same groups generally. I also work to failure on most lifts as I'm doing post-failure training.

I wouldn't worry about overtraining at 3-4 days, if you're asking this question then you're not going to overtrain at 3-4 days.
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I had a fuji-esque experience the other day. I was out eating wings and watching the game when I had a spontaneous and somewhat explosive nosebleed come on mid-meal. Deffo got some blood on my wings, but I still had like 7 left and they were damn good so I wiped them off and ate them anyway. Couldnt salvage the ranch dressing though.

I did it for the gainzz~
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general consensus is that muscles need a good 48 hrs to fully recover from a session. YMMV.

don't worry, overtraining happens only to like 1% of the population.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

I wouldn't worry about overtraining at 3-4 days, if you're asking this question then you're not going to overtrain at 3-4 days.

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