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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Thanks, will do! Are my form issues going to lead to injury, or are they more of an efficiency thing?

They make you more prone to injury due to instability and excess stress on your knees.

Definitely the latter. Who likes a high, ugly squat? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Most recent squat video from about two weeks ago

GYMBRO SPOTTED stirpot.gif
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I am the broest of the bro
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well, youre loading up your quads and not your hammies..youre putting too much stress on knees.
quads will shorten, knees will start hurting. could lead to back problems, hip flexor issues..youre setting yourself up for a "lower crossed syndrome"
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Man I just realized I got a lot weaker with chin ups. I'm nowhere near this explosive now. This was about a year and a half ago. These were prob 185BW+35 vs 190BW+25 now. One thing though is that rack had a 45 degree grip, which I absolutely loved. Now my grip is straight and I hate it.
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try going from a deadhang and full extension
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Nice dick bulge.
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Jesus, does anyone in this thread do exercises properly? confused.gif
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I might be of some service

(465 x 2 x 5 today.. only got a video of the last set)
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knucks does, i do (but not enough weight)
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bro u strong and that chest is way up, love u
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385. getting back into it. no back pain anymore, straps because correcting pelvis torsion. need to fix head position
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Coldsnap pulling a Patrick Duffy on us. It was all a dream!
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Here is one from me. A bit old now, but I hurt my knee playing soccer not long after this and was out of action for a couple of months. Getting back up there now. I think I was weighing about 178lbs at the time of this vid. Not the greatest quality.



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