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Woke up at 1:30 PM and had some fresh baked bread via Costco with half an avocado + helping of hummus. Had no protein. Followed up with a handful of dried apricot then some radish cake with mince meat (Chinese New Year type cake?)

Went to the gym afterwards. Sundays, on my current schedule is a second day of chest, usually DB press / barbell bench depending on what I did earlier in the week (Wed.).

Today was the following in this order:
Sitting shoulder press with barbell
75lb @ 10 (Warmup)
95 @ 6-8
105 @ 6
125 @ 6-7 (with spotter but I was told I was doing all the weight, "it's all in your head.")

Incline bench DB
42.5 warm up @ 10
50 @ 6-8
55 @ 5-6
60 @ 4-5 (PR--you would be laughing your ass off if you saw how skinny my biceps are trying to get the DB up)

Bench press DB
50 @ 10
55 @ 6-8
60 @ 5-6 (PR)

3 x 10
1 x 4-5 (Minimal rest in between, took turns with my partner, was dying by 4th attempt)

Watched some highlights of the LA v Miami game (5-10 mins).

Triceps pull down with straight bar x 2
90 @ 10
100 @ 8-9
Triceps pull down with triangle bar x 2
100 @ 8-9
110 @ 6-8

Standing shoulder flys
10 @ 10
12.5 @ 8-10
15 @ 6-8 followed by superset 10 @ 4-5

Situps - leg raises

Post workout meal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with almond milk. Dinner @ 7PM

Not sure how far off this is from my routine 1 year ago doing SPBR but it feels a little similar. VLSI if you want we can have a little friendly competition and see how we progress. I wonder if it is smart to jump back on SPBR at this point in time. CalTex offered a friendly competition to measure our progress but not sure what happened to it redface.gif
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well this should be interesting.
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You want in APK? I think we have fairly similar builds from your only WAYWT photo + it seems we both work a lot too on the weekday.
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Let's do it. Plus I should be recording what I do anyways. I can tell you right now that you're ahead of me in bench and way ahead on shoulder/triceps shog[1].gif Also, shouldn't you be eating more protein?
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I try to eat protein when I can but don't go out of my way in getting some. I think I eat a lot of carbs atm. FWIW lets leave diet out of it and just strictly base progress on raw #'s. How you make gains is really dependent on the individual. We all know my diet is shit anyways.
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Speaking of shirts, just got a new one biggrin.gif

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Just watched your 495x2x3 vid Charly, the floor was shaking. beastly
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

I hope this is a really, really bad joke.

I thought it was a good joke. shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

I thought it was a good joke. shog[1].gif

Haha, you might want to make it a bit more obvious because I can actually see some members trying this and then injuring themselves -_-

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Man SW&D's periods must be in sync. WAYWT thread has also taken a similarly shitty turn. Who is SWD's alpha broad???

For whatever its worth IF is working well for me. I have a crazy idea how to do chest + shoulder isolations. I might post a vid tomorrow if it works
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FFS Toasty.

At your level, you really should just focus on the compound lifts with full body workouts and make sure you eat enough (that includes proper protein intake of 200g per day from quality sources). It seems like you want to get good progress and you try to talk like you know your shit, but really you don't. 


"We all know this diet thing" - Well do it right then!

Cinnamon toast for post workout meal? Seriously?


Do your research, put the effort in and be strict about it, or you'll make no progress.

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Other then the tricep extensions and lateral raises, all his movements are compounds. Nothing wrong with doing either of those, no compounds really hit the lateral delts well anyway.
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Upright rows are about the only good lateral delt compound I know.
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