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Supposed to go lift tonight, but right now, it looks like I'd need a canoe to get there.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Doing cardio all the time
In my defence, its for ball season starting on 15th. Need to keep up dat acceleration.
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

In my defence, its for ball season starting on 15th. Need to keep up dat acceleration.

Of course. It's easier to run around longer if you're smaller and have less weight to carry. I have nothing against cardio or guys being whatever size they choose to be whether it be for sports or just their own free will. In some sports (and positions in that sport), you have to have a certain body type to excel.

I was just referring to guys that want to be jacked, and eat like girls and do a bunch of cardio and lift without any intensity.
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Not trying to hate, but toasty in a nutshell:

1. Claimed he understood progressive overloading but would do stuff like stay at 135 for weeks, then take a 20lb jump the next.
2. Claimed to be eating enough, but would then tell us he had 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, and a Chipotle burrito bowl for the whole day.

I hope he succeeds this time instead of winding up like everyone else with a NYR.
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Bro don't you hate on chipotle. Shit has like perfect macros for post workout food and cheap as fugg
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I was with you until you said it was cheap.
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Hi folks. I am new to this community, but I have been lifting for a short while. I started with SS, moved to Texas Method and currently have 1RMs of about 405 in squat and DL, 225 in bench, 160 in press. I weighed 169lbs this morning. I am 5' 9", and not very aesthetic, which i guess is fairly obvious from the above. I also have some postural issues, particularly APT. I have also had a knee reconstruction, which results in some intermittent patella tendon issues.


I was wondering if you kind folks would critique the following intermediate program aimed at helping get a bit more swole. It is effectively the LiftRunBang intermediate program. 5-4-3-2-1-1-1 is reps at those numbers at 50%-60%-70%-80%-85%-88%-93% of the training max. I'll be eating at approx 25% caloric surplus, and adding in some conditioning work as appropriate (prowler, KB swangs). Protein will be >1g/lb, and all that good stuff.


I appreciate the feedback - it is always useful to get out of the e-communities in which I usually circulate for some fresh ideas. But feel free to tell me to fuck off, I havent earned anything around here. Thanks in advance.


Program (Click to show)

Week 1 -

Day 1 - Press – Heavy
Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1-1-1)
Heavy Overhead Barbell Press (OHP, push press, behind neck press; 3 sets of five)
Shoulder/Trap Assistance (upright rows, clean pulls; 5 sets of 8-10)
Tricep Asssistance (pushdowns, overhead extensions, dips; 5 sets of 15-20, amrap for dips)

Day 2 - Legs - Heavy
Squats (5-3-4-2-1-1-1)
Hacks/Machine Squats/Box/SSB (4x 6-10 to a top set)
Leg Press (optional) (4 x 10+ to a top set)
1-Legged Movement (1-legged legpress, lunge, 1 legged squat; 4 x 10-20)

Day 3 - Back - Light
Speed Deads/Cleans/Romanians/Shrugs (3 x 5)
Supportive Rows/Pulldowns/Machine Rows/DB rows (5 sets of 12-20)
Hypers/Leg Curls/Glute Ham Raises (4x15-20)
Curls (3 x 10-15 to a top set)

Week 2 -

Day 1- Pressing - Light
Db/Machine Press (3 x 12-20)
Incline/Hammer Strength/Machine Press (2-3 x 12-20)
Shoulder Work (side or bent lateral raises; 5-6 sets of 12-20)
Tricep Work (pullovers or pushdowns; 5-6 sets of 12-20)

Day 2 - Legs - Light
Front Squats/Pause Squats (5-4-3-2-1-1-1 or 5-4-3-3-3 to a top triple)
Leg Ext (4-5 sets of 20)
Abduction/Adductor/Leg Curls (4-5 sets of 15-20)
1-Legged Movement (4 sets of 20)

Day 3 - Back - Heavy
Deadlift/Block Deads/Elevated Deads (5-4-3-2-1-1-1)
T-bar/Barbell/Db Rows/Weighted Chins (5x6-8 to a top set)
Good Mornings (3-4 sets of five) OR Leg Curls (4 sets of 20+)
Bicep Curls (4-5 sets of 10-20)

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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Why didn't you progress?
Supplements and protein shakes are no excuse for not make any gains in a whole year. They are not a must in any sense and they don't have anything special that normal food doesn't have. Just eat a lot, lift as heavy as you can with good form and progress will def come since you're a beginner.

People who start out going to the gym are so afraid of eating big. It takes a lot more food and effort to gain size (muscle or fat) than people think, granted you work our a fair bit of course. I've eaten 4000 cals (1000 cal surplus), of which 2000 cal are carbs, 3 days a week for half a year and I've only gained 15 lbs. I was pretty lean though when I started bulking (as I believe you should be), but just get enough protein, eat above maintenance, and it will work.

If you want to get into lifting again, be sure to fix yourself first. Check your mobility for your whole body and start addressing whatever posture problems you have. I've made a lot worse strength gains than I expected simply because I've been forced to deload the big lifts a lot of times, due to improper form caused by bad mobility / posture.

Appreciate the feedback.

To put it in better perspective, my numbers were way lower and I actually started oly lifts a little less than half way in. Was surprised I could DL that much more than my other main exercises. My mobility is decent, my ass to ground is essentially parallel but cannot break the 180 degree for a deeper dip in the hole during squat. Just learned about butt winks, which I do not have much of if at all.

Also, I judge my strength gains by number of reps on my max weights e.g. I can bench 135 x 10 for 2 sets now, or a little less. Whereas before, I struggled a lot at 135 for my bench / squat. As said, I can basically lift 135 as a warm up set rather than end set. redface.gif

Bacon is correct, I am ignorant / lazy to read up on proper information. Actually, I am also skeptical on a lot of information since weight lifting has so many POVs. This is not so much a NYR, please do not think of me like that, but more of a continuation to better myself. I actually have a lot of respect for dudes who I see at the gym, starting later than me, and basically surpassing me in every way. Takes a lot of hard work and I can acknowledge that. Just trying to find my balance in order to improve on what I desire.
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I like what you working with aiden k. Fix your postural and knee probs tho, that's #1. Even if you have to take a set away to give you time with mobility that will pay off in the long run
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Dat feel when chipotle is a 5 min drive from the gym. 

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Yea, shits the best.
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Not hatin' on dat der Chipotle (5min walk from my crib/gym HNNNNGH)... it's just that toasty was eating as much/getting as much protein as girls who don't even lift.
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Well, FWIW I think you are exaggerating a bit. I think the Chipotle was 1 meal, the slices of bread and eggs were snacks in between the day. I'm trying to imagine me eating just that on any given day, now, and am scratching my head. I would be totally starving.

Thanks for mentioning the progressive loading bit, I will push myself to proceed on a weekly basis. It's just when I tell my bro to load up one side with 2.5 lb he says "JUST PUT A 5" and I end up failing or poor form.

I can say I now am a true size medium in all my clothes without gaining much fat so that makes me happy. No more size smalls / 46 shog[1].gif
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Aidan if you're looking for size and aesthetics, a program in which you're doing heavy singles every day is probably not the most efficient way to go about doing it.

Hypertrophic reps are typically in the 6-12 range.
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Need to stop eating so much, its getting ridiculously expensive. Today i've eaten, half a leg of lamb so just over a kg, 100g of bacon, 3lb of greek yoghurt, few cups of eats, few cups of raspberries, couple baked potatoes, 150g of whey about and 250g of ice cream so thats like $25, which is a bit much for a student. Making gains, but thats far too much money on food. Maybe go back to ground beef, eggs and potatoes for a little while.
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