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dont discount the benefits that strength training has for beginners... its easy to have the benefit of hindsight when you say you wish you would've focused on aesthetics in the first place. doing simple low volume routines forces people to focus on the big picture, eating the food and doing the work, not whether they should replace 3x10 bb curls with in 4x12 db preacher curls or 5x10 cable curls because their arms didn't grow last workout. i think everyone dicks around with shitty volume routines for years and then ends up at strength training which is where they should've been in the first place.

yeah some people succeed starting out with those 7 day volume assaults but 1. genetics and 2. minority.
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It annoys me that a bunch of women basically dry humping the air get to use a better gym then me.

Can do an aesthetics based program whilst trying to get stronger, doing sets of 20 reps in the squat the last few weeks made my 20 rep squat stronger. its not like you can only do one or another. Personally think something like IASPBR is far better for most people then SS. Obviously you do need to get stronger to grow, just doing it with higher volume and shorter rests will probably do it with more muscle growth then box squat doubles with 5 minute breaks.
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Yea good point. For every 1 person that failed at SS there's 10 others who have been going to the gym for years 3x a week and do a Mens Health hypertrophy workout and look like skinny 30 year old fathers.

lol i know rite, wtf is TRX
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It annoys me that a bunch of women basically dry humping the air get to use a better gym then me.

how does your economic theory explain this?
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how does your economic theory explain this?

I live in a shit country with a low value of A (the technology constant or something can't remember, but basically it means England is shit) and K (i'm too poor to afford a good gym even if A was greater) in the production function (the product being gains) P=A(K^a)(L^1-a). But I have a high value of L (labour) so even with better technology and higher capital dem bishes making less gains then me. Basically same as some poverty country making shit loads of stuff with just man power and no skrilla or technology. Obviously a is quite low because most of my production is from labour not capital. If I go on some sterons a will obviously increase because the gains I make will be more from capital.

After learning about langargian functions today, if I knew the exact values of my production function and I had a limit on how much skrilla I could spend on the gym and the value of my time in the gym I could optimize that shit. So in the womens case L<1 because women never make an effort in the gym and for me L<100000000000, but because they're probably adults they're K<100 a month or something and my K<10 a month, but there A is like 4 and mine is 1 because british gyms are shit. Obviously women using a higher proportion of capital because sports brahs and yoga pants or more important so there a value is like 0.9 and mine is only like 0.1 because I just have my belt and oly shoes.
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uprights work the lateral delt, so i figure if raises go on push day so do uprights although both are a "pulling" motion. Need some kind of rear delt exercise for pull day, never worked them before so probably will struggle to feel them work.
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Oh, I feel them in my lower traps more then shoulders. Rear delt flys with a pronated grip lying on a bench and strict form facepulls both for high reps hit dem rear delts well. I should split shoulders as lateral and front on push and rear on pull.
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Seems like the proper time to post this image again

This would be great if I worked a 9-5 and was home more than 12 days a month. I have to go with Anytime Fitness since they're in practically every city.
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Sounds awful frown.gif
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that chick in the pink shoes was checkin you out Knucks
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Pretty sure that's his GF
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Lol that's what I said too.
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Ill throw this up as well


This is looking a lot better than the last video of good mornings you posted.

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cool interview from dorian yates. All goes well until like the 50 minute mark when he says he smoked some DMT last year and talks about how a small group of people who control the world are coating our pineal glands with calcium so we can't connect with each other and enter the spirit world. Lol u wat m8.

Edit: Oh he's also a 9/11 conspiracy bro, wtf is happening in this interview guy on the right is like crying over how beautiful the discussion is. Now he's saying that there government is keeping cures from cancer from us and some bros are curing themselves at home with hash oil. Fuck sake dorian I never thought you'd put me off psychedelics.
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I did SPBR and at 145-150lb, stalled on all my lifts
I stopped the program after getting sick in early 2012 / small injury and really fucked up my schedule. Now, I hopped onto whatever the hell my brother is doing, going at a rate of 2x a week 'M' and 'W,' I dropped DL completely and my current lifts
Basically I can lift a plate now with ease, hooray! I think once I get back on track going 4x a week as before, I should improve steadily...

Trying to hit 185lb on bench/squat by mid-to-year-end. I know its laughable but my diet with 0 supplements i.e. protein shakes et al really make recovery / gains hard for me. I have been eating a lot more carbs to gain weight so now I am about 155lb (5'10). I think I am most like 'Flame' but dude is much stronger. I have similar goals, wanting to stay lean with muscle and agile enough to still shoot the 13" jumper on the court. My core + chest is also very soft, physiologically, how do I keep it firm rather than flabby? Also knucks, how to address knee problems with doing squats? I am ineligible for the Bulgarian method. My knees don't hurt but they feel odd. Bro says stance too wide.

Please feel free to rip me apart. And Jarude, it's not like I chose not to listen, but tweaked it to where I can actually follow through on my own grounds. I can say my strength compared to 1.3 years ago is much improved but I'm still a beginner.

Why didn't you progress?

Supplements and protein shakes are no excuse for not make any gains in a whole year. They are not a must in any sense and they don't have anything special that normal food doesn't have. Just eat a lot, lift as heavy as you can with good form and progress will def come since you're a beginner.


People who start out going to the gym are so afraid of eating big. It takes a lot more food and effort to gain size (muscle or fat) than people think, granted you work our a fair bit of course. I've eaten 4000 cals (1000 cal surplus), of which 2000 cal are carbs, 3 days a week for half a year and I've only gained 15 lbs. I was pretty lean though when I started bulking (as I believe you should be), but just get enough protein, eat above maintenance, and it will work.


If you want to get into lifting again, be sure to fix yourself first. Check your mobility for your whole body and start addressing whatever posture problems you have. I've made a lot worse strength gains than I expected simply because I've been forced to deload the big lifts a lot of times, due to improper form caused by bad mobility / posture.

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