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4 pints of ice cream acquired. more to come. gonna have an ice cream social for one today.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Moving into my 2 bedroom today, getting my living setup to ultimate mobility mode. Super pumped. I need some sort of large carpet/rug 5 foot x 5 foot on the super cheap to do mobility stuff on...

make a zen room so you can bliss out and stuff, make sure to put tacky buddha pictures everywhere.
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4 pints of ice cream acquired. more to come. gonna have an ice cream social for one today.


but i did eat a large pizza + 20 wings + loaf of garlic bread + fries + 3 cokes yesterday so i cant say anything
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Originally Posted by maplefuturist View Post

Can't record video at my new gym.


Here is me coming up from a BW squat:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Note: Last picture isn't final lock out position. Forgot last screenshot.


1. My bottom position looks OK, right? My lower back is neutral, though my upper back and shoulders look rounded.


2. When driving out of the bottom of a squat, my chest rises quicker than my hips causing my lumbar to overextend. I can actually feel this happening with heavier weights.


3. My upper back is rounded and loose when driving up so I have this weird combination of a rounded upper back and overextended lower back.




I've had this exact problem. The following is from personal experience. I don't know if it's all "correct", but it has worked for me.


You need to strengthen your core and be able to recruit it during the squat. Do heavy ab work (weighted planks, GHR sit-ups, hanging leg raises, etc). Practice on taking the biggest breath of air you possibly can and pull it all into your stomach. At the same time, flex your lower back as hard as you can. Hold the tension for the whole squat. 


I find it easier to get the form right if I squat straight down instead of trying to sit back a lot. Low bar sit back does not work with poor flexibility and weak core. If you do more of a high bar style squat, you don't want to use as much hip drive. You want to be able to activate the glutes so they can push you up. You should feel the glutes flex at the bottom.


The reason I hyperextended on the way up was partly because of chest rising too fast, but also because I was losing tension. If you are able to hold that tension - belly full of air, lower back flexed and glutes active, during the whole squat, you pretty much can't hyperextend. It helps to keep the upper body more upright. Do mobility work to get your knees far out to the sides (external rotation) and sit more straight down and it should come by itself.


Stop back squatting for now. Try goblet squats first and see if you can do them properly. When you can, progress to front squats. This is how far I've come after a couple of months of trying to address this problem. I will continue with front squats until I can do them correctly and heavy. After that it's on to box squats and finally to back squats.


Also, I think the reason your upper back is rounding is because your not holding on to something, a bar for instance.

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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

Yo back pics. How to acheive strong erectors aka diamond in lower back?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also, I will be training my faculty basketball team for strength and conditioning. If we have a game on Fri, will squatting Mon and unilateral movements (aka Bulgarian splits) on Sat be fine?
Thinking of throwing in upper body work on Tuesday, active rest (cardio) on Wed, recovery on Thurs. Sun will be a rest as well.

Throw in some conventional deadlifts in your routine.
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LOL just tried out Instagram for the first time today...brb looking cut at 13% bf. Those filters are HIGHLY misleading lmao. No wonder girls love this shit so much.
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Been running PHAT for two and a half week.

Dat pump after chest and arms day Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Nice work pilot! Are you bulking atm? If so how much are you gaining?
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Well I haven't changed up my diet at all, so I'm just running PHAT and seeing what happens. I wouldn't be surprised if I put on a few pounds over the coming weeks, but I'm not intentionally bulking. Sitting around 197-200 right now.

P.s. you're looking good (no homo) at 13%. How low are you taking it 6-7ish?
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Will be going down to 180 the week before comp...will probs put me around 6 or so. Will likely step on stage at 175
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Throw in some conventional deadlifts in your routine.
just to clarify, its my routine, not the team's?
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Getting ephedrine in US?
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Anyone got any shirts recommendations? Grew out of the chest measurments on Uniqlo Mediums, larges will be too big. And Gitman was too slim on me. thinking of brooks brothers 3/ $199 or just going made to measure from now on.
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One more progress pic with the filter smile.gif
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you gotta stop caring so much about clothes
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Uniqlo Oxford + apc petit standards + boots or CPs. No fucks given. Still aesthetic, still get bitches. Coldsnap just get aesthetic and wear what looks good on you. Don't you have a GF anyways?
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