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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Unrelated I went to a UCL bar last night, everyone looked like poor as fuck hippys wearing shit clothes with like peace signs on them and the girls all looked like dykes. This is how I imagine american universities are, also they all had fucking technical back packs.

This is a fairly accurate statement.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

you got EP chinos?

Like ten pairs lol
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Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post

Did they stop making the EP denim? The url's on their site are 404'ing me. I might be into your pair.

Yeah they stopped about a year ago. Not quite ready to unload them but I'll let you know if I do.
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Originally Posted by stinger70 View Post

hope this wasn't srs. I made a 80% improvement to that exact posture within a few weeks.

Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I really doubt this.

Yep. I doubt I'll undo years of bad posture within a few weeks while continuing to sit all day. Even if I smash through mobility work everyday, ratio is still fucked. I should be able to quit soon, then I can find something where I can actually stand up and take breaks away from the computer. Call centre work is terrible on the body. Next semester for school doesn't start until July so I'm stuck for now.
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Can't record video at my new gym.


Here is me coming up from a BW squat:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Note: Last picture isn't final lock out position. Forgot last screenshot.


1. My bottom position looks OK, right? My lower back is neutral, though my upper back and shoulders look rounded.


2. When driving out of the bottom of a squat, my chest rises quicker than my hips causing my lumbar to overextend. I can actually feel this happening with heavier weights.


3. My upper back is rounded and loose when driving up so I have this weird combination of a rounded upper back and overextended lower back.



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Yo back pics. How to acheive strong erectors aka diamond in lower back?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also, I will be training my faculty basketball team for strength and conditioning. If we have a game on Fri, will squatting Mon and unilateral movements (aka Bulgarian splits) on Sat be fine?
Thinking of throwing in upper body work on Tuesday, active rest (cardio) on Wed, recovery on Thurs. Sun will be a rest as well.
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looking at that picture i would guess you dont deadlift.
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Once a week. I'm still a skinny dude only 72kg @1.79m
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Guy in the gym who looked just like knucks today, ill try get a photo with him next time. He was smaller obviously, but he looked similar. Like a dyel version. It was almost like I was training with knucks, I could basically hear him calling me a phaggot and saying why the fuck are you doing rear delt flys and curls on pull day and not even deadlifting, why do you spend more time eye fucking yourself in the mirror then lifting? Very motivating.
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

Yeah they stopped about a year ago.

That really sucks. They were at a price point I have been comfortable with for a while for the ~year I get out of a pair of pants and they looked solid.

In better news, Blue Owl told me N&F is revamping their Slim Guy cut to slightly taper the leg, so that has potential if the thigh:waist ratio isn't too skewed.
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I had the weirdest fucking dream that probably shows I have some underlying gym insecurities. Pretty much I got put inside a concentration camp for not looking like I lifted, but i was yelling my squat and deadlift numbers to no avail.
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I used to be

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Bought some New Balance Zero Trail shoes to lift in...should be a massive improvement on my squishy Free Run 3s

Also enjoying my new supplements from The Protein Works...highly recommended for other UK folk.
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Moving into my 2 bedroom today, getting my living setup to ultimate mobility mode. Super pumped. I need some sort of large carpet/rug 5 foot x 5 foot on the super cheap to do mobility stuff on...
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^ my guest room only has my desk, chair, computer, foam roller, lx ball, 4' broomstick, and an air mattress in the closet
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