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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Bodybuilder brah does 3/8 rom smith machine overhead presses has huge shoulders, did them with him once and they felt shit though, uncomfortable pressing in a straight line.

I assume other sleeping medicine is just like getting drunk where as melatonins a hormone? Modafinal today was good, it's not at all speedy like I assume adderal is. Just no fatigue through the day and everything feels very clear and I can focus a bit better, but it makes bright lights quite painful. Had 1mg of melatonin and 200mg of modafinal.

Got 102.5kg for an easy set of 20 on the squat today, then 3x15 with 110kg on the stiff leg deadlift. Got bitched at for grunting too much. So many new years resolutioners, not many whales, more just dyel brahs. Loving the higher rep work, hamstrings getting juicy.

Dude had what seemed to be big shoulders. But he seemed to have dat internal rotation, which CS hates. Plus he does other exercises for shoulders I'm guessing. He was standing on a dumbbell to do some shitty pull ups (talking barely able to even spit on the bar, let alone touch it).
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Need some assistance brahs: Having trouble driving with my feet in the pull, but I'm getting a good setup (bar in line with shoulders, sitting back, dropped hips, good back angle). Any tips? I think I just need a different 'cue' than "drive through your feet".
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Bunch of retard bros around the rack where I squat.

- "During DLs, back shouldn't round" > Proceeds to pull off the floor with hips rising faster than shoulders for 50 kg.

- "C&Js are awesome for that ripped look" > upright rows a 30kg girly mini barbell and rotates his wrists backwards.

The rest of the group went on to follow his form.

The (misinformed) bro science is strong in those.
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Tried making a lean meatloaf, turned out ass loaf. Still eating it.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Tried making a lean meatloaf, turned out ass loaf. Still eating it.

I tried that once too.. unfortunately, turned out the same.

All the ketchup in the world couldn't save it :\
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Doing DeFranco's Agile 8 every morning when I get up. Feels bad man but feeling betterman.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

I tried that once too.. unfortunately, turned out the same.

All the ketchup in the world couldn't save it :\

It was just like lean beef, egg whites, basil, tomato sauce, diced onion and garlic. Shrank a ton and tasted like dry ground beef. Idk if it's even possible.

Ground beef with Lawry's is better anyways.
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the whole key to meatloaf is fat. a lean meatloaf is like a vagina-less woman. just something that shouldn't be.
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Fb conversation with fat jewish brah who i'm trying to help loose weight. He's decided he wants to base his physique on tom hardy in batman

Jewish brah:
he worked out 5 times a day
got paid millions to do that
had a personal trainer coach him 24/7 basically

theres a limit to how much you can recover
and why wouldnt he use gear

Jewish Brah:
im sure he had tons of protein

Gonna take some of det der whey protein and lift 5 times a day. Shits powerful.

Jew brah:
how much do u think i will weigh at 5% body fat
like insanely ripped

like 120 or 130

Jew brah:
5'8" and muscular

5% isn't even maintainable for more then a few hours
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lmao, dude was probably so bummed at the 120 comment.
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He's really angry at me now. I told him i'm probably low teens bf like 12-15%, he estimated his body fat at 20% and I told him he was closer to 30. I was incredibly insulted. He's 220lb at 5'8" and has never lifted so its all fat.

Told me he thinks he'll be 160-170lb at 10%

sent him this link of someone who is 138lb at 10% and is carrying a fair bit of muscle mass. Genuinely believes he's carrying 22lb more.
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rofl, tom hardy wasn't even very big in batman. Just looked like a guy who lifted and ate whatever he wanted.
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I dun goofed. Couldn't sleep because of dat der modafinil last night so I stayed up to 4:30 studying accruals. Set an alarm for 10:30 and took some melatonin. Woke up at half 7 and I think I had a dream my alarm clock was going off so before I checked the time I took the modafinil and as a result i am awake as fuk. It's 10:30 now and I can't get back to sleep, am not tired at all, but I know I need sleep for dem gains. Maybe is time to stop with the experimental self medicating,
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hacked up a bunch of grey stuff after this morning's session. perhaps its time to think of alternate gym arrangements.. huffing and puffing in a garage probably isn't doing my lungs any favours.

also, FUCK bodyweight/calisthenics circuits. those and delt supersets turn me into a bitch every time.
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Ok RHET bros, gonna poll you guys.

Singledom is going well and shit but I want to use my mad cooking skills to drop panties. Made a girl eggs the morning after on Sunday and it felt mad goodman. Need to balance quickness, impressiveness, presentation, sexiness, etc.

You are all good cooks. Any recommendations?
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