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Any recs for wrist wraps?

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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post

Any recs for wrist wraps?

I like my titan THPs, cuts off the blood flow to your hands. Inzer ones feel really weak in comparison.
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lol the vid is mega-embarassing so I took it down. I'm glad I finally saw just how shitty my form was...surprised I've been able to pull as much as I can like that. The movement doesn't feel unnatural nor is it painful, but it's painful to look at. I plan on doing just a couple weeks of 225 to focus on form before putting any serious weight on the bar.
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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post

Any recs for wrist wraps?

Big fan of my Rhino Anacondas at the moment.
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

yes i know this i am a certified judge
there's a difference though in delivering the hips in the 2nd pull and pissing blood and having black thighs after each clean. namely it's the difference between good and shitty technique.
unless the dude wasn't talking about banging the bar out, if so then nevermind.


I said typical, not ideal. 

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God damn hips keep growing. If I measure my butt around my hips it's 41" and my waist is 36". I'm 5'7 too, i will never be aesthetic style mane. And i think my hips have grown out of jeans I bought a month ago frown.gif These are a "work" fit too, not even slim.

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36" inch waist at 5'7"? cry.gif
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Well where I wear my jeans is more 34'-33". It's was that size when i was 150lbs olympic lifting LOL now that looked funny. But yea i guess there's plus to having strong hips, I've never had to reset my 531 numbers in squat and deadlift.
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That's a Terry Crews sized hip (without the black and jacked master race part though)

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^that's pretty much what I look light with my shirt off, black and all (i wish)

Charly what's your hip size?

I can't imagine anyone having a good deadlift and squat and not having large hips. I think it comes with the territory. I know knucks wears slightly larger jean size than me. I guess it comes a time when you turn into a full grown man and have to ditch the slim fits.
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I'm pretty sure I out squat and deadlift you and I have a very small waist, still wear my 31 t-000s 32 weird guys are huge on my waist
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there is this thing called wollfes law that says that your bones remodel to better handle repeated stress. I don't know if that explains why your hips widen but it is the reason why I dont do a lot of the very heavy lifts often or at all.

Style over substance shog[1].gif
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Fuji I don't believe any of your #s. Even if you are hitting those numbers it's probably 3" above parallel, with knee wraps, belt, and terrible form. I'm interested in the longevity of my weightlifting career, sure I can do well over what I do now but that's not what I'm interested in. Even on my 1+ days I get five reps or more.

I wore a size 33 weird guys, although that fit is wack because of the short front rise. There's no skinny dudes that would fit into t-000s that are squatting and deadlifting good weights in my gym or any gym I've been to. I'm sure there's exception to the rules and if you're one of them more power to you.

Also don't you only front squat anyways?
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I wear size 33 t-00, maybe they look like shit lol,  but I deadlift 365 with good form and about 380 buckling shaking and dragging the bar up my thighs but I'm also 6" taller than you i.e. muscle has more length to grow on, if that makes any sense I dunno maybe I'm lucky.   I'm also cutting 75% of the time.

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Originally Posted by stinger70 View Post

This, except no matter how tired i am i still cant fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.
and this.

Maybe this will help:
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