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I have really tight pecs, so i can stabilize my scapula. But during the descent my humeral head (not the humeral but where it attaches to the shoulder) immediatly starts to protrude forward as the elbows go down. So when people say shoulders back and down do they mean the humeral head should not move at all?


In that case.. NO, base of your arm bone connected to your shoulder should not be moving vertically - only rotating.
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gotcha, thanks to both of you for the information. I lift 4 days a week and I think at the end of every workout I'm just going to play around on the bench without any weight and try to get my mechanics right. Because at this point my bend over row and overhead press are substantially higher than my bench.
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

I think what you're getting at is some people tend to let their shoulders move up and down throughout the lift because they believe that that creates a full range of motion. The proper way to bench involves having the shoulders pressed against the bench throughout the lift, the lats engaged, and the scapulas should remain relatively stationary. The only way the shoulders would move up is if you were to allow your scapulas to rotate underneath you on the bench, which leads to an unstable surface, a longer distance to bench, and decreased power.
The easiest way I've found to ensure that your lats remain engaged(and thus, remain in proper position throughout the lift) is while I'm setting up, to specifically pull my shoulder blades together as I establish my arch and to "pull the bar apart" throughout the lift, which help me keep my lats tight and shoulders in proper position.
When people let their shoulders move freely throughout the lift, the bench press becomes more of a bench heave with less coordination and power.

this is a great cue.

related, unnecessary for mostly everyone but cool as all hell. not mine:

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what is it
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knobblin myself right now
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Originally Posted by knucks View Post

what is it

a spring bar; the grips slide along the shaft while the springs provide tension. forces the lifter to almost literally spread the bar apart
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WTF we do that shit like every day how do you make the news by drinking in a park
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That you?

I wish.
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Weak mo sho


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Surgery is not until 1230pm on Monday, cannot eat or drink after midnight Sunday. I think I am going to basically treat Sunday like a cheat day.
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massaman curry is a good backload dinner biggrin.gif
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When can we expect some progress pics?
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Does anyone really care? I posted progress pics on other forums. Figure most people here are just looking for another opportunity to take a shot at me.
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