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I pass all test, but the internal rotation one aint pretty even though I can pass it (coudln't a few months ago) I got about 20* of internal rotation in my right arm, been working on it for a few months... shits hard to fix.

I need to do some prone Ys. I'm super upper trap dominant. They are like on speed and always ready to fire
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prone y's might be too difficult. look up low trap strength exercises..
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Did box squats today for the first time, feels pretty good. Have to squat off plates though because my gym doesn't have low enough benches. Will find out next week if it helps my back-squat or not.
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On the impingement test, i dont really get pain on the way up. But when i release my shoulder and lower it, i feel some discomfort. Not sure if this is pass or fail.
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Looks like Do-Win/Pendlay stealing Romaleos design..
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Yeah, still ugly as sin and probably feel cheap as shit. I had the Do-wins for like 2 days and returned them
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i so fucking wish i'd got me some 2k4 adistars those were the shiznit

ironwork 2s are money as well
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I love my ironworks but my personal favorite is the asics. Those look so sweet IRL
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rogue dowins 2k12 4lyfe. They defo an inferior good though because if I was making skrilla I would buy some romeleos.
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My Romaleos were sub$100. Come at me.
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damn thats a steal
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fuck you

tried to find some in my size when i needed new shoes but couldnt find any
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Originally Posted by knucks View Post

My Romaleos were sub$100. Come at me.

Someones MRS of oly shoes to other goods was clearly very low.
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I still lift in chucks frown.gif
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How do I cut down the heels on my Do Loses?
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