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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

I've lost so much strength jfc.

yeah, bad feel. i was happy to be doing 135 on RDL's today.
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Originally Posted by knucks View Post

they are also terrible if you have poor range.
enjoy bros

What is this gold mine? I like K* stuff, didn't know he had a book or pdf or w/e this be.
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I had no idea how different my dress clothes would feel at 185lbs vs. 175lbs. My suits are still wearable but they definitely feel tight and the pants are a little short because my ass is taking up too much room. Makes me want to stop gaining...
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thank god maintaining adequate mobility is easier than improving it if you start with less than optimal .
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I've been standing at work a lot more and I don't seem to have issues with tight quads. Probably a matter of stretching everything out and then just squatting more and staying more "mobile" in general.
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Once I start working from home, it's standing desk for me. I had one during my senior semester. It was pretty nice, but at the time i was hardcore playing an MMO and the 8 hour sessions was killing me.
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aeron chair. i know you have one already coldsnap but man are they great
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Yep! Chillin in one now. Got this thing dialed in like a space ship. Great!
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Knucks, my quads have been feeling numb after doing that stretch in the video you posted (knee against wall, sort of sleeper stretch). It's not like I don't feel my quads at all, just tickles when I scratch them or whatever. They stay feel like that for the rest of the day. Is that normal?


Might be a silly question, but do you guys get lower back DOMS from deadlifting? Can't tell if it's DOMS or back pain.

Edit: looked it up and I def think I've just got a sore lower back. Went for a PR so form was a bit off - hips were rising too fast.

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My experience with DLs has been that if my form breaks down, I end up pulling more with my back which causes soreness. This is often when I am going up in to a new weight or pushing too hard.
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Rolfing is amazing, not only did it help my posture, but she gave me good tips on how to run better, walk naturally and stand properly. 


and yes it is such good good pain.

Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

I still wana try ROLFING..
I'm sure it would hurt me so bad/good
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Owner of the gym told me he's gonna ban me if i drop weights one more time. Asked him if he's ever tried to put down 180kg gently, his jimmies were russled.

I can put down 180kg gently, and I do. U crossfittin brah?
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i haven't lifted in awhile and my 1 RMs are 90 to 95% of my PRs. pretty happy. just need to establish a program with ex and get strong

should i go for his 3 month program use it as a baseline and get my own thing going? or should i go with the 7 month program that's 120 more ?
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Eric Lilliebridge 903 squat attempt. 


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Haven't posted in here for a while, but trying to explain an interesting observation at the gym today. Went to workout but decided to play basketball instead because I hadn't played since summer and I missed it. Shot around a little and decided to jump up towards the rim and I noticed how easy it was. Figured what the hell, might as well try to dunk since it's been a while since I have and damn, it was really easy. I probably dunked 20 - 25 times (yes, I was excited - also two handed from a stationary position which I had never done before).


I find it hard to explain this though because (I'm just over 6'1") not only am I the heaviest I've ever been (215 lbs), but I'm not squatting as much as I have before (currently only at 240 lbs after some setbacks and my knee surgery a while ago). I also know I'm carrying more fat in the midsection than I have before, but I'm also stronger in the upper body than before (as evidenced by pullups). So it seems in two major strength to bodyweight tests, I'm better off now than before even though I'm heavier and (I don't feel) significantly stronger. Could it just be rest given that I haven't done any actual cardio for months (and obviously no plyometrics either)? Any ideas? Not super important, but I just find it a little strange (and yes, the baskets were standard height you trolls).

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