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I think not working lower body due to my groin injury is taking its toll. I just feel like my butt and quads are ballooning. Pants are not comfortable. I figured if I didnt work my legs they would get smaller, not larger...
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does not compute
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

not once every 4 wks as some experts would have you believe

Yeah, I've always thought that's a bit too cautious. Thinking more like every 8-10 weeks.

Do you do it?
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Taking a week off lifting because of exams. Haven't deloaded or taken any long resting period since summer anyway, so it might be needed.

What's your opinion on deloading? Should it only be done if I can't progress with the weights? Should I go back to max effort - try to push as hard as possible on the first workout or back down a bit and work up the weights through my previous best?
It depends on your program. My current program has me 'deloading' week 4.
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It's been about 8 weeks since I started lifting again (basically starting from scratch after and 18 month hiatus). Doing madcow 5x5, things coming along nicely considering that I'm trying to cut weight at the same time. Switched up squat and DL form to low bar and sumo in an attempt to work around a chronic back issue and so far it's going well. Starting to feel glute activation in both movements for maybe the first time ever.

Top sets of five for this week are:
Bench 205
Squat 205
DL - 225
Bent over row - 155
Military press - 130

Obviously squat and DL are lagging considerably, but started out REALLY light on those as I'm still learning the new movement pattern and I'm not keen on re-injuring myself for the umteenth time. Probably going to reset military press and bench in the next couple of weeks, but squat, DL, and rows are feeling very strong still.
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Found a new 24/7 gym with a good power rack. Hot girls everywhere. Heaps of room to power clean.


Unfortunately, they only have incline benches. They can be flattened, so I can use them in the power rack to bench press, but the middle section caves in slightly if I apply too much pressure to it. 


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need to stop drinking so much, it's killing my gains. Will be 4 nights this week. Got shitted and did a single leg take down on some girl who was talking about female empowerment except I didn't really lean into it, I just pulled her leg forward and she basically just flipped over. Got slapped, but it was worth it for the lolz. People in my halls don't appreciate me type of humour, assuming the rugby lads will appreciate it more.
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Originally Posted by YoungM View Post

I imagine myself looking so fucking chubby at 230.
Also, fuck you TKGKTKGK. You're the same weight as me, and similar numbers (450DL, 315ish bench) and I have 14.5" arms and hardly any definition whatsoever.
I hate you. I do, however, fucking love Dishonored and Skyrim.

Also, there's a HUGE difference in physiques between someone who gets to those lifting numbers using a strength program vs. one that gets there with a hypertrophy program.
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Just tried a day of Boring But Big, deadlift, then 5 x 10 squat at 50% max (probably did like 40%) felt more of a cardio workout than anything. Didnt feel any muscular burn or anything from the squats, but was struggling to get my breath between sets with 90 second rest.
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Great day at Iron Arena!


Working sets are in bold.

Conv. Deadlifts
- 135 x 10
- 225 x 5

add belt

- 315 x 3
- 405 x 2
- 465 x 1
- 515 x 3
- 525 x 2
- 405 x 10
- 365 x 10
- 315 x 10 - no belt

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just had a really good massage at massage envy
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Going to a halloween party tonight as the hulk.

What are you bros dressing as?
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That's what's up.
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Got 1st of 4 in my class at Oly comp today, 4th overall. They red-lighted me on 2nd attempt for a soft elbow on the jerk, but I said "screw it" and made a +2kg comp CJ PR on the third attempt anyway.

Time to eat junk food and drink whiskey!
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