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im sure there was a mat there
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now if only we can get those human barbells were good
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Fuck I usually just do the under the armpit method, allows you to grab some side boob.
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Originally Posted by glundr View Post

The thing a lot of people miss about SL and SS is the flexibility aspect of the squat. I think it would be beneficial to start with a fairly heavy weight and try to make progression in the depth of each rep, keeping your back nice and flat/tight. This isn't a problem when you have a trainer because you wouldn't get away with poor depth in the first place, but when you are training yourself it is easy to cheat a little and still add more weight next session. This adds up and eventually you have someone doing quarter squats every time because thats what the program tells them to do (add weight every day). Just a thought.


I kind of did this, although I did IAPBR. 

Started squatting in April. Could do 110 for 5 reps at first when trying to learn the technique. In august I did a PR of 175 x 5, which was just over bodyweight. Realized my form was pretty bad, could barely go to parallel. Dropped weight to 140 to build up with better form and more depth. I've tried high bar, low bar and all have been reading a lot and doing tons of stretches. Struggling but slowly improving. Did 155 x 7 yesterday with best form in a long time.


I''ve learnt to sit back more with a wide stance but I'm not nearly as explosive as I want to be out of the hole. Any tips for this? Would hate to drop the weight again.

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Maybe you're not explosive?
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I''ve learnt to sit back more with a wide stance but I'm not nearly as explosive as I want to be out of the hole. Any tips for this? Would hate to drop the weight again.

It really depends "why" you're not as explosive as you want out of the hole.

Probably a strength issue or muscle recruitment pattern issue. Couldn't really say for sure without a look at your squat.
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conceptionist: some people say to box squat, others say to just squat.
i mean, there are things like pause squats and etc, but who knows..i try not to think about it that much anymore
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Paused box squats? My recommendation for all squatting problems. With a squat of 155lb though I wouldn't worry too much about speed, just on increasing your numbers.
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Got adidas power perfect 2 olympic shoes on ebay brand new for £65, usually £90+...good find, hope they work for me.

Anyone tried 5/3/1 boring but big? Looks a decent program, the 3 month challenge looks pretty much impossible.
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I predict disappointing gainz
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stinger, for fucks sake, pick a program and stick to it.
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5/3/1 irritates the hell out of me for no other reason than his minions slurping on him all the time.

"wendler told me not to use straps because I AM NOT A PUSSY!! and I AM TAKING MY LIFE BACK!!! he certainly didnt write this chest-thumping bro-sermon to preface his product knowing that the mere presence of a table of percentages in conjunction with inspirational drivel is irrefutable proof to legions of e-lifters! he also didn't cleverly identify some common characteristics and mentalities present in his target audience and speak to them in a manner that would guarantee my unending devotion to his product noble cause! here, allow me to quote 5/3/1 to answer you, because it has intrinsic value and worth that is relevant and applicable to virtually every context."

yes, because the mere act of running hill sprints on your off days negates the need to count calories, regardless of your goals because "you are crushing the things that make you weak" or some nonsense. nothing against working with various percentages of 5/3/1RM's - im pretty sure everyone itt has run 5/3/1, including myself - but srsly. most outspoken and popular is equally synonymous with having the most people stroking you as it is with most accomplished and effective.
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I did 5/3/1 for like 10 months, good gains of strength and size all around.
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