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My girlfriend is an obgyn. I never ask her how her day at work went. lol8[1].gif
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

though both can cause either type of lesion and both can potential kill you.

still not scared of the herp derp. i'll take the 1 in 500,000 odds.
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Type1 doesn't cause painful out breaks, though.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Does anyone get completely defeated when it comes to thinking about how life in general sets us up to be a complete pussy. Oh you work a desk job, like every other american, enjoy your internally rotated shoulders.. Oh you sit for the majority of your day, have fun with hyperlordosis... It bugs me that living a normal life sets us up for all this shitty posture problems that will eventually lead to an injury in the gym. I had a friend who had perfect posture and was an amazing lifter, thing is he didn't work and lived off his brother. He had all the time in the world to do stretches and self massage stuff all day then go and lift.


Have you checked out these articles on T-Nation?


I'm having some posture problems, mainly anterior pelvic tilt, sloping shoulders, forward head, left side hips and shoulders sitting higher, etc. None are very serious atm, but I'd like to get them fixed.


It's a full 7 week program divided into two parts suited for all types of posture problems. Also includes a whole bunch of self tests, stretches, case studies, and so on.


Not sure if I wanna do it now though. In the middle of my bulk and major lifts are still going up. Might do it before the next cut.

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A lot of folks here have talked about the Neanderthal No More plan. I think a lot of people try it and give up. Each of those days is VERY long and you need to do it at the expense of all your other work. There is never a good time.
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Yeah, it seemed like quite a lot.


Just the workout alone would probably take me well over an hour figuring out all the exercises and then you got like 5 other stretches to do every day. I might try it still since my posture has frustrated me for some time. Anterior pelvic tilt, forward head and sloping shoulders is not a good look.

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Yea, exactly. Which is what I meant by that post. If I didn't work at a desk and got sunshine at work I wouldn't have to ride my bike to the work and do 30mins of soft tissue and mobility work before I even touched a weight.
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Arrrgh term papers and projects screwing up my diet and training sessions.
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the pile of meat I brought to school (had to carry that shit across london, was like real life farmers walk) and my quite good looking flat mate, better irl. Bottle of grey goose is full of aristocrat.
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What meet you get?

not into your flat mate
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Loads of chicken breast, ground beef, pork chops and steaks.
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Blacked out for a second this morning trying to press 180, resulting in awkwardly, and perhaps dangerously dropping the weight.

Is this common? Is it an issue with my technique, or is it something I should talk to a doctor about?
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Adderall + Coffee is proving wonderful for workout energy and keeping to clean-eating. Am I doing any lasting damage with all the stimulants? (15 mg Adderall a day + prob 20 oz of coffee, so not a huge amunt of either)
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drink the coffee, all of the coffee. i dont know anything about prescription meds though so you are probably better off checking with whoever gave them to you
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