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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Bulking's fucking slow as hell, this sucks.
Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Switching to cleaner eating. Sick of gaining fat.


embrace the fat
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

embrace the fat


Abs are gone but not a single fuck is given. The strength and size gains are worth it. Abs are for summertime.
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Yea I just gotta get used to it but still fuck. Just suck it up until the end of the year, cut hard through the spring and recomp/clean bulk through the summer.
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i want that 2 minutes of my life back
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Originally Posted by TKJTG View Post

This was after about 1.5 years of half-ass lifting in high school(played football). My max bench was something like 185 with horrendous form.

I was going to make some snarky remark like DYEL? but that's pretty much what I see in the mirror these days. Current 1RM for bench with shit form? 185. I'm guessing you're close to 150lb in that pic?

So it's basically going to take at least 5yrs to reach TKJTG mode?
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Originally Posted by Axelman 17 View Post

So frustrated by my neck pain. Have tried doing t-spine stretches, shoulder mobility work, trap strengthening and PT exercises. Nothing seems to help. I would say the trap work probably exacerbates it most. I have a feeling that the ergonomics of my desk set-up are causing this or at the very least making it worse, need to get a keyboard tray and possibly raise my monitor. Anyone have any success relieving neck pain with ergonomic fixes?

Yet again we in the same boat. Had terrible neck pain on the right side of my back neck, sorta under my ear but back a little. I bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair, ergonomic keyboard, and a trackball so i can give my mouse hand a rest. Onlything that has fixed this next pain was going to the doctor and getting an anti inflamatory perscription. Took it for a month and now pain free. This is after I did stretched, strength work, ect in that area for 5 months and it still was lingering. Sometimes I guess you just need some good ol medicine?
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Yes finally 3 plate DL @ 160 lbs bw. Feels Alpha.
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3 plate dl is a good feel.
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I was doing 100kg snatch pulls today and some guy asked me what muscles it worked. I really hate working out at this university gym.
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Anyone else get disgusted at the average build of dudes legs in WAYWT? Such a bro thing to say.. but I just can't imagine having such a weak base.
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I get disgusted by the legs of the average guy in the gym. Sometimes I wonder if anyone in NY ever actually played a sport. I guess their fat little girlfriends dont mind their twig legs as long as they have 'teh guns.'
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Agreed to last 2 posts. Thunder thighs ftw.
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Edit: nvm nobody wants to see me in my underwear
Edit 2: haha jarude's comment makes no sense now so i'll put it back up
Warning: Me in my skivvies! (Click to show)

I upped my carb intake, creatine is working so my upper body got pumped up.

Been cutting for 7.5 weeks, seeing good strength gains. Not sure if i should move to recomp or keep cutting. Pigging out would be nice biggrin.gif

Groin is still injured though. Shouldn't have tried to push it with the squats frown.gif
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you look plenty lean dude, depends on how far you want to go but i would stop right there. i dont have any confidence in my bf% estimation abilities, so take it with a grain of salt, but... ~12? great work regardless.
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