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20 rep squats are worse
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Originally Posted by Axelman 17 View Post

One week in and the cortisone had no impact on my groin. According to the doctor, the lack of response from the groin likely rules out the labrum tear as the reason for my pain. Apparently, people have minor tears all the time and they are not necessarily the root cause of the pain. He thinks that it is actually the hip flexor causing the pain. Rather than surgery which would have been the prescribed approach, he suggested 6 weeks of PT on the hip flexor. News is kind of good because it means no surgery, kind of bad because I am skeptical of PT, I just dont think it works well, kind of a sham.

I gave my girl new rules of lifting for women, which is mostly med-low rep heavy compounds and then random accessory exercises in 6ish week cycles, which worked great for her till she fucked her knee for unrelated reasons. Now he's on a modified split that I posted a whole back.

Did 225x6 on bench yesterday. Bro mode come at me.
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Also, partial ROM on overhead press is da shit. Have only done them once so far but delts are on FIRE.
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this your pal? some strong squatting there

his toes are really turned out
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Man, 5 days after squatting my hamstrings are still sore. Happens every week. Need to squat more ?
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Originally Posted by whiteslashasian View Post

I thought this would be a good place for this...
My bro does 140 kg (>300 lbs) squats on a bosu. Mindblown.
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Man, 5 days after squatting my hamstrings are still sore. Happens every week. Need to squat more ?
Depends on program. DOMS was lesser on 5/3/1 than on SS for me.
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Forgot my knee sleeves today, still lifted the same weight. So fuarking functional.

Up 3lb from smolov and im 7 days in, seems to be fairly lean and all on my legs, quads mainly. 170kg for a single at 185lb should be easily doable after this cycle.
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110kg squat for a triple today, gonna back off on the maximal squatting for a while now and do deadlifts. My squat form is shit even with lighter weight, i did 80 x 6 for my last set and im still trying to lean forward too much to get depth. Not sure if im even benefiting from this low rep training.

Definitley decided that the bar i use for bench is 5kg lighter than the others. Its slightlly slimmer and the rings are a tiny bit further apart, which feels more comfortable to me. This means 2 things 1} I can only bench 67.5kg x 3 at a bodyweight of 195lbs and 2) I might be using too wide of a grip, assuming that the other bars are the proper olympic width and the bench one is wider. Anyone with a decent physique can bench 100kg minimum, so i've got some serious work to do.
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Different bars have different thickness. I've seen 25mm, 28mm and 35mm. I personally prefer 28mm, sits on my back nicer, 35 feels like it's gonna fall out.
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Those are the bars at my gym, the thicker ones say 1500lb on the end so im guessing they are the 7ft 32mm bar. Doesn't state that the smaller ones weigh any different, thats just the impression i get from using both.
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25 mm bars are for women
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Hmmmm....... another competition at end of October possibly. Even though I doubt my total will be up much by then, getting more experience on the platform would be nice.

Also, at one point on Friday, of the 8 people working out in the weight room, I was the only one NOT doing a biceps curl of some kind.
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I love shoulder and tricep day just as much as Squat day.. Such a bro at heart.
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Fell on my ass during a power clean attempt today....lolz were had.
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