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A friend of mine is a registered sex offender because he was caught pissing in public 3 times.

Welcome to the land of the free.

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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

A friend of mine is a registered sex offender because he was caught pissing in public 3 times.
Welcome to the land of the free.

you'd think after the second time he would have learned.
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fuarrkkkkk benched 70kg for 3 reps, my strength knows no limits. Thats like 7.5kg increase in a month, not bad considering how long i've been stalled. I'm almost at "novice" level, having been benching for almost a year lol. Considering anyone with a good physique benches like 110kg minimum, i've got a lot of work to do. Dont know how much i can realistically add in the coming 6 months, but i think 80kg for a triple might be achievable in that time.

Probably gonna get this belt, its only £20 delivered, 4 inch wide and real leather, not sure why so cheap.
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Haha, That's not too bad.

I started doing proper bench 2 weeks ago though I've been squatting and deadlifting for close to 6 months. You don't even want to know how low it is. Got some serious work to do to catch up.

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Low carb food porn

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^ Looks delicious. Macros???

Finally squatted 1.5 x BW for 5 w/o a spotter.

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1 lb chicken -> 500 kcal / 100 g protein
1 can green olives -> 300 kcal / 28g fat
salad dressing/lettuce who cares!
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SW&D is having a fit about some guy asking for nudes. wtf brahs I'm becoming more and more scared to leave this thread.
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Boo fucking hoo, creepy posts are on the internet.
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Lifting hung over resulted in not paying attention and overly rounding my back on a high bar squat, looks like I'm not lifting for the next week or so. frown.gif
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sucks, injuries are the worst. hope it just a tweak
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realized I have the perfect for my high fat days

Breakfast nachos

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So I switched to the IA SPBR from Starting Strength (partially at Charly's rec) and I'm really missing the more powerlifting approach of Starting Strength. I'm thinking of trying Stronglifts 5x5 instead. What do you guys think?

I'm still a pretty big beginner with some embarrassing numbers. I have actually come a long way but my starting point was very low. I still want to add strength in big way but I also want to lean out.
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In my opinion disregard cutting, follow chariys advice until you have decent numbers and then cut down. I think too many beginners are focused on staying lean.
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Ehh Im probably pushing 18% body fat at 5'11'' 200 lbs. Biggest ive ever been by far both in terms of fat and muscle. Hahha apparently I am ~very~ good at bulking. I really like feeling bigger and more powerful. but I;m still a guy who wants to wear fashion clothes and i weighed 160 lbs for all of high school/early college

One reason Chalry caution me away from SS/SL is the squatting 3x a week but my squat is still so low (below my bodyeweight) I dont think its a smuch of an issue for me...
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