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do you even hotlink

risto sports
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i remember when i gimped my shoulder and thought "man i wish i gimped my knee or something instead so i could still bro out like crazy, disregard squat and deadlift" and now after not squatting or deadlifting for about 2 months i feel so fucking weak and pathetic its sad. not to say any one injury is better than another but for fucks sake don't ever torque your knees because not being able to squat or pull blows big nuts. my legs are shrinking and i am weak like bish. the 4xweek upper body brofest is still succeeding, so i cant be too upset but 2 months of zero lower body training --> pure atrophy and regression is shameful. on the plus side i tried good mornings a couple days ago and nothing felt too funny so im gonna abuse those until the knee stops popping. GN i feel your pain, no squats or deads is a kick in the sack. hope you can get around that somehow.

also getting tired of swimming, daily aggressive eating in the 4-5 kcal range of pure shit has resulted in me staying steady at 185. back to fully catered unlimited free lunch and no more 8 hours liss cardio in another 2 weeks icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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How is this on the official NBA web site?

my guess is liability. pretty sure they dont want a sassy mamma-jamma all up in they grill if they ruined some kids hoop dreams if he broke his knees lifting
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Added 5kg more than my 4RM last week on squats, and smashed out 4 sets of 5 without too much trouble. I've learnt to descent more slowly and control my depth dont go below parallel. Also disregarded rippetoes advice on hand positioning and now using a wider grip but still thumbless, feels much more balanced and stable. Hips are becoming much more stable since using the adductor and abductor machines to warm up. Also feel that creatine may have contributed to my recent strength gains.

Dunno what im gonna do tomorrow though, supposed to be upper body hypertrophy but dat shoulder pain is not gonna enjoy incline DB press.
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how many racks/platforms/barbells do you currently have?

We have two racks...neither of which is a full rack...and a couple stupid Smith machines. We have no platforms. The only place you can deadlift is directly in front of one of the racks, so if someone is DLing it makes it so functionally only 1 rack is around. If you deadlift anywhere else, it requires you to be in the middle of the walkway where people can bump into you and someone can get hurt.
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also rolling in for regional training camp next w/e

dat dere two a day snatch clean front squat
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Going to NJ on friday. Gonna go franklin lakes library and do pull ups in the play ground erryday since gym only has dumbbells up to 50lb no rack or bench. Will try get up to 20 reps.
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dat swole azn doing pullups and yelling out fit memes at my kids playground

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Knee straps came in yesterday, decided to pr on squat and front squat. Got 505 bs and 365 fs, parallel, don't think I can go atg.
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how much carryover you get out of the wraps?
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Been doing a really simple workout for the last couple weeks.

5x2 box squat
5x5 Romanian deadlift (no sets to failure)
3xmax pull ups

5x2 bench press
5x8 lying tricep extension
3xmax pull ups

fuck load of foam rolling, mobility shit and shoulder band stuff. Squat 2 days in a row then bench press. Results have been good.
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how much carryover you get out of the wraps?


I'd say around 40 on back squat and like 30 front, haven't really tested maxes(without wraps) in a while though.

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Still getting mistaken for a total noob in the gym, guy asking me if i had got a routine from a personal trainer, telling me good ways to start out etc. Sorry mate, i've actually been bulking for a year and working out non stop to look like this, i didnt walk in off the street at 185lb like most guys. When will it be mine turn to look like i lift. On the other hand love lifting on sunday, brb only 3 people in the entire gym which is massive.
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On the other hand love lifting on sunday, brb only 3 people in the entire gym which is massive.
This. Had the whole gym to myself. I love Sunday at the gym.
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any notable fitness resources easily available on mobile devices? has a nice mobile format with new tips and articles almost daily, but nothing else has sprung to mind. the onion can only provide so many lulz before i need decent reading material in my daily downtime. just read on poliquin that the dutch guy who shit all over everyone and won gold in the high bar gymnastics was trained by a poliquin-certified coach, cool. dat some master race shit right dere

tried rack pulls from below the knee with for 135x5x3 and stupid light #3 banded gm's. no popping, no pain, but weird stick-in-the-mud feeling inside my knee now.
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Charles Poliquin seems like a massive bellend to me. After his article about gaining an inch of arm size in a day, box squats are bad for your knees and some shit about magical berries in some poverty country my opinion of him dropped.
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