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Dat feel when you train 6 days a week and then someone on the internet says you don't train.
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i know you like trolling the fuck out of all this but just read this, i think it covers the topic pretty well..
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Will give them a read. Not trolling, its just guys like Klokov or Liao Hui look really good and have huge arms and delts and are at the same level of competition as the guys in the video who don't even look like they lift.
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some of it is due to different training methodologies - the chinese and russians use a shitload more variety and bodybuilding type assistance work than did the bulgarians, who during the reign of abadjiev only used the lifts, their power versions and I believe the front squat.

Like Sagir's layback on the snatch, and his speed is just fucking insane.

I also admire the mental toughness of these elite guys.. there's no hesitation whatsoever no matter how much is on the bar. I mean just look at the clean poasted earlier (actually look it up, the posted vid is just the snatch), the guy is struggling to stand up with that shit, yet no fucks were given when it was time to squat under that.

e. Klokov is king of the bros, does tons of bb stuff - just happens to be one of the world's finest lifters as well

e2. basically summarized what knucks posted
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My very first weightlifting session with a coach, the first thing I was told was: Relax and don't think. Let your body decide.
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think something before breaking the bar off floor = missed lift
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new-age psychology fruitiness aside, reading the power of now by tolle actually helped me in the gym a lot. i knew wes at IA always said it was good reading, but i just gave it a read and its pretty trippy effective; attaining as much "presence" as possible before a lift has made a difference.
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This past month, I've been particularly looking forward to squat days.

Can't wait for Friday! 405 x 2 x 5 !

Also, about 8.5 weeks out from competition time. Finish off this week and then next week's training, then the progressive overload starts.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

211kg clean and jerk, but does he even lift? Do not know how that is possible, his traps, delts and pecs look smaller then mine. I know you can develop strength without much bulk, but still getting 211kg over your head I would expect quite a bit of muscle.

His fucking speed. eek.gifworship2.gif
When you can get under the bar that fast, you don't need big upper body muscles.

Apparently he is intending to compete for USA in 2016.
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Did my first day of non-squat leg exercise today. Leg press hurt like fuck, so scrapped that. Did leg extensions, so boring. The ROM is so small, although it makes the quads burn, it just seems so pointless and not like a proper exercise. I guess my only option is to do this crap until my hip heals.
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I love leg extensions, quad pump feels so good.
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Hit 300x5x2 finally on my squat again. Was doing like 320x5x3 back in September but it was on a smith machine so that shit doesn't count.
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vanity got the best of me. i added dumbbell biceps curls to my strength training routine. feels dirty.

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Nothing wrong with bicep curls as long as you hit them tri's, too.
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Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post

Nothing wrong with bicep curls as long as you hit them tri's, too.

I either bench or ohp every workout so I figure I have tris covered.  Now that we're getting into t-shirt and tank top weather I'm hoping a few sets of curls will add a little more size to my upper arms.

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