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Any good sleuths find a watchable link for this?

nb4 knucks "googlephaggot"
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Feel bad for my gym bro, triple body weight deadlift, 2.5 body weight squat like 1.5 bw bench, genuinely does not look like he lifts, maybe 11" arms?

Wait until he's on a nightout when someone picks a fight with him and he can pick them up and throw them on the ground.
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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

anyone drink only water? right now i drink a lot of pop/coffee and want to try strictly water for a month and compare the differences.

I drink water, mostly. Some evenings I'll have a cup of hot green tea, otherwise, just water.
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He's 5'2" or something like that. When he benches he has to put plates on the floor so he can reach the floor with his feet, otherwise they just dangle there. Gotta have that leg drive. I don't know if his arms are long enough to pick someone up. Maybe they could get around one leg?
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Fucking Crossfit strikes yet again. facepalm.gif

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Cheat on your pull ups, not your girlfriend. Wait wut?
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I drink water, coffee/tea with a little bit of skimmed milk, and green tea. Nothing else unless I'm on a night out or at a restaurant, in which case I still usually have tap water or mineral water. Only have coke and lemonade when I don't want to look tight in front of women.
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somebody tell me about clen

dosage? comparison to other things like yohimbe or ephederine? side effects to watch out for? cost? source?
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you srs son
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My mate gets it fairly cheap, do not know the dosage of the pills, he said just take a few a day. He said it makes his heart beat really fast and he feels a bit hot. No idea of the dosage. Also considering going on soon.
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Post how much you weight before asking about clen. It's god damn ridiculous when I hear people that are like 160lbs taking Clen. Should be ashamed.
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Brb using clen or whatever thermogenics I can get (will probably use something milder) to get me down from 190lb 6'2" lean, maybe very low teens bf% to sub 10% because dieting is hard and I don't want to lose any muscle.
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i know kunk was using it and fuji mentioned it so i got curious
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Watched the train with kai series on youtube recently, was pretty cool stuff.

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I like when he's doing leg training and gets a raging erection for the entire episode.
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