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I posted a link to that video a while back; Tate has a new ongoing series called "So you think you can bench?" that has 6 parts and has a new one added every week I think. Tons of good info, here's the link
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post
Fuck me I cannot bench press anything if I tried. I've been stuck at my bodyweight plateau for months. I reset down to 135 or so, focus on form, and I still end up shitting the bed at 185.

Make sure your supporting muscles are strong!

When I was benching 100kg, I would skull crush 50Kg. I could also do dips easily with 35kg attached.

In my experience, my bench went like this:

- started on 30kg
- quick to 60kg
- slowed progress to 70kg
- even slower to 80kg
- quick to 100kg

I was eating a lot at the time and weighed in at 87kg when I benched 100kg. Was also training split, so I had little fatigue. The amazing thing about the period in going from 80 to 100kg, was that my overall chest endurance was at it's peak. I remember being able to incline 35kg DB (they were max at my gym LOL) and then still hit flat BB bench for 100. Even if I switched. So, there are stages that are tough to get through... then it smooths out and you reach another tough spot. Strengthening supporting tri's and eating like a glutton will get you through. Also, working on a split system with chest day.
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Originally Posted by Pennglock View Post
Where is your sticking point in the lift, and what kind of programming are you doing?

Bodyweight is where a lot of the easy gains on bench stop coming for a lot of people.

Doing ironaddict's power-based routine. 4 different workouts, done M-W-F-M. Bench days involve 3x4 flat, 4x8 db incline and 3x4 incline, 4x8 flat.

Sticking point is after the bottom point of the lift, which indicates weak triceps I think. I checked out that Dave Tate link awhile back, good stuff. I've been tucking my shoulders in, putting the weight on my traps, toes planted and pushing heels downwards - basically every single little trick dudes like Tate advise - and I still shit the bed. I do have ridiculously long monkey arms, and one arm is longer than the other also, but I don't want to lean on excuses.

Diet is fine, I'm taking in 1.5g protein/lb bodyweight and eating at maintenance. I would be much happier if I could just squat and deadlift all day and never do upper body again My lower half is disproportionately stronger than my top.
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5' 8" at 152lbs, personal bested squats and dl today, 235 squat 225 dl, up 10 from previous.
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Doing lots of deadlifts have actually decresed my drop by increasing my waist size. Gotta start doing more lat work.
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Just doing goog-old progressive sets and pyramids this week. Feels good to get in some high volume work.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
doing 50 sets per bodypart, training 6-7 days a week and growing, shedding fat.
Lookin' pretty good there chief. What's your schedule breakdown look like? You still using the same supplements as before?
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^new supplements but this is what i am up to:

monday: chest
incline press, 6 x 6
flat bench, 10 x 10
dbell pullovers, 3 x 15
flyes, 3 x 15

tuesday: legs
squat, 6 x 6
leg press, 10 x 10
leg curl, 3 x 15
gluteham raises, 3 x 15
donkey raises, 3 x 15

wednesday: back
deads, 6 x 6
weighted chins, 10 x 10
seated row, 3 x 15
t-bar, 3 x 15

thursday: delts
mil press, 6 x 6
javelin press, 10 x 10
lat raise, 3 x 15
front raise, 3 x 15
shrugs, 10 x 10
face pulls, 3 x 15

friday: arms
bbell curl, 6 x 6
close-grip bench, 6 x 6
half press, 10 x 10
dbell curls, 10 x 10
hammer curls, 3 x 15
rope press, 3 x 15

bodyweight circuit, basketball and swimming

core 3x week: rope rotations, 3 x 15
hanging leg raise, 3 x 15
rev crunch, 10 x 15
turkish getup, 3 x 15

steady state cardio: 4 x :30

sunday: rest
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Some people just have no idea how the body works when it comes to processing carbohydrates and burning calories.
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Kunk - what are gluteham raises, javelin presses, half presses, and rope rotations? How long does it take you to do the workout + core + cardio?
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for the rope rotations, it's like a modified paloff press or baseball swing. i grab with two hands, push out in front and rotate. the javelin press is a one-armed dbell shoulder press. glute ham raises are best explained by a youtube vid. the half press is a tri press seated or lying with the bar at the mid point as a start. like a half bench press from the mid point. I am usually in and out in 50-70 minutes. i rest very little between sets. maybe more like 90 minutes on cardio days.
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That must be around 30 seconds rest between sets. I don't think I'd be able to do that much in that short a period of time. Don't you warm up? Hell, I normally spend 10-15 minutes on that alone.
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i stretch and foam roll at home, though foam isnt cutting it so i've moved on to pvc pipe
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Feeling good, I just made it up to 5x15 BW dips. Guess it's time to start adding some plates.
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